yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 6

yeh hai pyaar

scene 1
at raman’s house
all are busy with rituals….. haldi ceremony take place…..
all apply haldi to raman and rithik….ishu and shivanya wait in ishu’s house…
after appling haldi to the grooms, vandu takes haldi from raman and yamini takes haldi from rithik and goes to ishu and sesha and apply for them……mihika then peeps into raman’s house and get haldi from rithik which he kept safely at his dhoti’s pocket. she then takes and leaves…….raman goes to change his clothes, at that time adi takes raman’s dhoti and squash the haldi which is there and goes to give to shagun…..

scene 2
at ishu’s house and shagun’s home
all apply haldi to ishu and adi applys haldi to shagun….shagun cries and says sure she will be the wife of raman and will not leave anyone to occupy that place…..sesha says even she will help her.adi tells sesha is the fiancee of rithik, and sesha tells shagun about ishu and shivanya plan . shagun says will be a team and will defeat them. sesha calls shagun as sister and she gets touched. they both apply haldi each other. at ishu’s house even ishu and shivanya apply haldi each other…

scene 3
at raman and ishu’s flat
all gather down for sangeet function…….sesha comes there and introduces shagun to everyone.shagun was wearing gunghat so no one identifies her. he tells shagun as her cousin sister. all welcome her…even ishu and shivanya are in gunghat as before marriage, bride and groom should not see each other,,,….. mihika and simmi take brides and grooms for dance, at that time ishu and shivanya went to adjust shivanya’s saree and come down and shocked to see raman and rithik are dancing with some woman…ishu is shocked to see raman and thinks he is the relative of raman and sesha fumes…..suddenly a strong wind bolws… all four of them gunghat is removed..all are shocked to see shagun there and yamini is shocked to see shivanya standing there.raman sees ishu and gets glad..ishu also understands that raman is her groom and feels happy…..

precap:raman and ishu share a romantic moment which is seen by shagun….sesha takes shivanya’s form and goes with him for a movie……

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    Yaar awesome pls continue

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