yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 5


th is update is specially for shreya and sidhi
im sorry guys i’ll update short as today is tamil actir ilayathalapathy vijays birthday .so im very busy in that celebrations..

scene 1
yamini informs rithik about his marriage with sesha
he gets shocked but sesha feels happy. he angrily goes from there.
yamini gives sesha a thread and asks her to tie to rithik so that he won’t go anywhere leaving her. she rushes to him.

she enters rithik room and gets shocked as rithik and shivanya romancing. he tells her about yamini decision and tells her that whatever happens she will be his wife she gets glad and kisses him. he then kisses her hand and removes her pallu. she also forgets that she is a naagin and continued romance with him. she then removes her shirt and kisses his chest. he then kisses her tummy and both go to extrerne level sesha couldn’t tolerate and shouts rithik. they both get up and adjust themselves and tells her about their affair and asks her to go away but she tells that decision is yaminis and tries to tie thread he throws away. she angrily goes from there. later shivanya picks and ties him . ritjik tells shivanya that marriage is in Mumbai so we have to go there. u also cone there and tells his plan secretly
she also agrees

scene 3
all go to Mumbai and rithik and ramabs marriage will be done together.
Mrs bhalla praises sesha of her beauty and asks about rithik.
rithik in dowbstairs tella ishita everything .she agrees to help and he tells the plan she also saysok.

scene 4
rithik then cones and tells Raman that ishita is the best bhabi. Mrs bhalla also joins together and praises ishita Raman doesn’t cares. adi heats this and fumes.

scene 5
sesha accidently sees shivanya in ishitas house and understands their plan. she takes vow to ruin shivanyaand ishu.

preacp: vandu takes Raman’s haldi and mihika takes ritjiks haldi. later sesha applies haldi to shagun. adi watches happily…..then raman dances with shagun and rithik with sesha……ishita and shivanya gets shocked

Credit to: supriya

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  1. When is the next episode update of Yeh pyaar hai

  2. Siddhi

    Really good please update soon

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