yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 3


Scene 1
At ishita’s house
Ishita gives gift to ruhi and she also gifts her. They both share a cute moment.then ishu’s mom and mrs bhalla come there and take them inside. Just then raman comes and ruhi runs to him. but ishu does not see him.then raman and ruhi exchange their gifts.then they both go inside.

Scene 2
At rithik’s house
Rithik goes to sesha’s house and looks for her.
Rithik then sees nothing in kitchen. He then orders his servants to bring the necessary things. They also do that. Sesha hearing his voice came out of her room.
Sesha:rithik ji, what are you doing here?
Rithik: nothing. I just came to see you.
Sesha: ok but its time for office nah. Come shall we go rihik ji?
Rithik: rithik ji sounds nice. But did you eat anything?
Sesha thinks that she is a snake and even without eating she can live.
Sesha: no, actually I dono cooking, so I didn’t ate.
Rithik: its ok, I’ll teach you.
They both cook together. They share a romantic moment and an eyelock. Shivanya comes there and sees them together and feels sad and jealous. She then thinks that why is she getting disturbed seeing them together. She then calls rithik. Sesha sees her and moves away from rithik. Rithik introduces shivanya and sesha. Then he tells shivanya to wait outside as he and sesha didn’t eat anything and they will come after breakfast. She goes out and thinks why is she feeling sad.

Scene 3
At adi’s school
Adi was talking to someone ruhi sees this from far away
Adi:thank you, atleast you came here
Unknown person: where will I go without you people?
Adi: don’t worry just 10 days more to go to complete our plan
Unknown person: ya, I’m waiting for that moment. Keep ruhi from that ishita.
Adi: you don’t worry, I’ll take care. She is the evil eye of my family. I will destroy her.
Ruhi then comes, seeing her that person goes. Adi tells ruhi nothing and they both leave.
Scene 4
Rithik and raman have a phone conversation.
Rithik: bhai, I told you nah about that two girls
Raman: ya what for that?
Rithik: I’m confused. When I see both of them I’m getting a strange feeling.
Raman: rithik from when did you became a playboy?
Rithik: bhai, I’m serious.
Raman: arey, leave it whatever happens, it will be for good. But remember don’t play with their feelings. First make sure whom you are in with love, then propse her.
Rithik:sure bro, ok what happened to your love?
Raman tells him everything happened in the toy shop.
Rithik: bro why cant it be like this?
Raman: like what?
Rithik: even that lady might be like you nah, divorced or single parent.
Raman:ya, I didn’t think this. Ok rithik bye. I have to go and pick kids from their school. Take care

Scene 5
Rithik:shivanya, I have an appointment with mr.patel in aloft hotel today night and it is a candle light dinner organized by him for his wife. He invited me and I want to take you along with me.
Shivanya: but why me?
Rithik;because I need to sign important deal. So I need papers and you are coming there for official work.
Shivanya:ok I’ll come
Rithik: that’s a 7 star hotel, you cant come in this dress. I have kept you a dress in your cabin, were it and get freshen up. We will go together.
Sesha hears them and feels jealous . she thinks why rithik is not taking her along with him. she then goes to her house. yamini sees her and asks her what happened. She tells her everything. Yamini consoles her and gives idea of surprising rithik. She tells sesha to go to that hotel and impress him more than shivanya. Shivanya has went for official work but you go for personal work. She then tells sesha about the marriage proposal which sesha happily agrees. Yamini gifts her a saree and beautiful white necklace and ask her to go.

Scene 6
In the hotel
Rithik sees shivanya and get melted in her beauty
Shivanya: sir, where is mr.patel?
Rithik: actually, that is a drama. I know you felt sad when me and sesha having breakfast together, so I decided to have dinner with you, as I don’t want to see any partiality between you both.
Shivanya;but sir….
Rithik:its ok, come lets have dinner
Shivanya slips and rithik holds her. Sesha sees this and fumes.
Rithik feeds shivanya as her hand got sprained…shivanya enjoys and feels very happy. Sesha seeing this breaks and cries…….the screen freezes on shivanya’s happy face and sesha’s sad face….

Precap:yamini tells rithik about marriage proposal with sesha which shocks rithik. Marriage rituals are done for raman, ishu, rithik, sesha and also shivanya.

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  1. Confused whom Ritik loves

  2. Nice one!! but confused ritik will marrie shasha or shivanya

  3. it is good but m also confused

  4. Whom will ritik marry? Please make ritik confess his love for shiva ya and make him marry shiva ya. We all are confused with your ff but make sure your rivanya are together. But I must say I just love it. Please make ritik propose shivanya

  5. Show some ritik and shivanya romance like the way you showed shesha and ritik kitchen romance. It will be more interesting

    1. Siddhi

      Shreyaa please continue ur pyaar zindagi hai

  6. friends the ans for your confusion will be out tomorrow and sorry for your confusion and also thank you

    1. Write next episode soon Supriya

  7. Awesome

  8. Siddhi

    Good year really love it.

  9. Siddhi

    Good yaar really love it.

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