yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 2


Sorry guys for late update as I was preparing for my entrance .

Scene 1
At rithik’s office
Rithik interviews many people but he doesn’t like anyone.he suddenly sees a girl wearing white chudi with embroidery and gets attracted to her. He thinks great of her simplicity. She comes in and he starts his questions
Rithik:what is your name?
Shivanya: shivanya
Rithik:where are you from?
Shivanya:from naglog (and smirks)
Shivanya: I mean Nagpur
Rithik: oh kk. What is your family background?
Shivanya: my family and I are the saviors of the most valuable possession
(rithik thinks that she is so rich)
Rithik:why did you choose this job?
Shivanya: this is because my family has a curse and to clear that curse we have to help someone in their daily activities, so I wish to join as PA for you.
Rithik: nice and you are appointed.
Shivanya: thank you sir.
Shivanya thinks that her work is done and goes

Scene 2
At raman’s house
Raman and ishita’s family gathered together to see the matchings of kundalis. Ruhi gets excited but adi hates it
Mr. bhalla: pandit ji please see the matchings soon
Pandit: this kundalis are made for each other. They both become a perfect pair.
Amma: thank god
Mrs.bhalla: then please fix the maharaut soon. I want ishita to come to my house as my bahu soon.
Pandit: the best maharaut is after 10 days. That is the unique and special maharaut as it comes once in 100 years. The couple who are marrying on that day will not be separated in every life. No one can separate them. Even god and fate cannot separate them.
All gets glad.
Appa: ok lets start our preparation from now itself.
Pandit: but 1 condition
Ruhi: what condition?
Pandit: in this 10 days, they both should not see each other. If they see then it will be abshagun.
Ruhi: but I think they would have seen today in the parking
Pandit: its ok. The count starts from tomorrow only. So no problem.
Pandit goes. All gets happy and goes to pray god. At that time adi burn the kundalis. And goes from there. All comes and get shocked seeing the burnt kundalis. But still they are happy of the maharaut. Ruhi sees adi talking in phone as he kept fire on the kundalis as you said and also tells about the maharaut. The voice on the call says very good and I will complete my mission successfully. Adi gets glad and disconnects the call. Ruhi hides and thinks whi is adi talking to…and gets thinking….

Scene 3
At the shiv temple
Shivanya: I got the job and you go to his house and stay as his tenant.
Sesha: ok I will leave
Shivanya: but remember 1 thing , you have to control your feelings.
Sesha: yes

Scene 4
At rithik’s house
sesha comes to rithik’s house to get the keys. Yamini sees her and likes her beauty and thinks that she is innocent and will make her as puppet. And also thinks that she will get her married to rithik and will get his property transferred to her name. as she made sesha as her puppet , she wont question her.
Sesha: mam, I came to get keys.
Yamini: oh are you that tenant?
Sesha: yes mam.
Yamini:do you have relatives?
Sesha: no mam, I don’t have anyone.
Yamini: pity on you my child. You don’t worry, I’m there for you. You can call me as aunty.
Sesha: ok aunty, can I get my keys.
Yamini: the keys are with rithik. You do 1 thing. Go upstairs and he will be in his room. You can get the keys and also tell him that we are going out.
Sesha: sure aunty
Sesha goes upstairs with a kind of excitement as rithik is the first male she got attracted to and also she thinks of shivanya and her promise and stops. But she thinks once her gurudev has said that during her help to her sister, she can also think of her personal life and nobody has rights to fold her in any sort of promises like marriage , love, personal life etc. she gets relieved and thinks that shivanya is right by getting justice to her parents . she wants to kill rithik’s parents and not rithik. So after her mission completes , I will tell shivanya about my love and marriage. After my sugharat I will become human and live with rithik. She goes to his room and she does not find him. she then hears thunder sound which makes her scared. She then hears water sound and sees shadow in the bathroom and knocks it but no response. She gets scared more. Then someone touches her from behind , she gets more scared and shouts. She then sees that it was rithik and shouts more as he is topless. She turns her face away and asks him why he sacred her
Rithik: I didn’t scare you.
Sesha: ok give me the keys.
Rithik: ok I will give but answer me 1 thing
Rithik:why didn’t you come to my office for interview?
Sesha: because I was not interested
Rithik: but I’m interested. You are selected as my PA. I have two PA’s.
Sesha senses it as shivanya and thinks good as they both work together.
Sesha: ok fine, give me the keys. It is going to rain , I have to go to the outdoor house without getting wet.
Rithik: ok here are the keys. Turn and get it.
Sesha hesitantly turns and get the keys. She looks rithik shyly. He too feels some strange feelings towards her.then suddenly she hears thunder and she hugs him unintentionally. He also hugs her and kisses her. Then both share a tight hug and he romves her pallu and kisses her neck and hand . she too kiss him with much love. He then opens her blouse knots.Shivanya senses this and recites some mantra. Suddenly sesha get senses and and moves away from rihtik. He too feels akward and says sorry. Sesha adjusts her saree but she could not tie her blouse knot. Rithiks helps her and and they both share an eyelock. Yamini watches this form far and tells ankush. Ankush tells her that his son is like him, so romantic. Yamini asks him to shut and says mali has to admire other mali girl only and not the princess. He gets hurt . yamini thinks that her work is done. And goes
Sesha then goes. Rithik then thinks what is happening to him as he is attracted to both shivanya and sesha. But he is sure that he loves one of them but he doesnt know who it is. He feels confused. And then gets an idea.

Scene 5
Ruhi calls ishita and tells her about the maharaut and she feels glad. Ishu also feels happy as ruhi is happy.ruhi then tells her that she is going to gift her something and asks return gift. Ishu promises her that she will get her return gift. Ishu then goes to toy shop. She chooses a beautiful Barbie doll and asks the saleswoman to keep it and goes to buy a toy for adi. Raman also comes there as ruhi asked him a Barbie doll so long ago. He then sees the doll which ishu has chosen but the lady says that someone has already chosen this one. At the same time, ishu comes there and sees raman. He then contros his feelings and says that his daughter loves Barbie and asks her to give to him. she gets sad hearing that he has a daughter she then says ok and selects other doll for ruhi. Raman asks whom she is buying gifts. She tells him that she is buying to the kids to whom she is going to become ma. Raman also feels sad hearing this.
They both come out and sadly see each other and leaves in their car.ishu thinks its good that she didn’t let her feelings out and even raman thinks the same.
Precap: rithik helps sesha in cooking. Shivanya feels hurt.
Raman misses ishu. Sesha sees rithik having candle light dinner with shivanya and fumes.

( friends really I like sesha in the serial because she loved rithik and also she tried to protect nagmani. Love can happen to anyone and at any time. even sesha has warned shivanya to be out of human emotions but she didn’t, so sesha also started to love rithik and she has spent more moments than shivanya. I’m not saying that sesha is completely right, she did mistake by joining hands with yamini. This is just my vision. I’m not hurting anyone. If I hurted any 1 of you by my scene of rithik and sesha please let me know. Please comment your visions about sesha)

Credit to: supriya

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