yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 19


finally this is the last episode of my ff….
thank you everybody for reading this and also for commenting
i should thank siddhi, shreyaa, rivanya for your continuous support and also for silent readers
here we go for the finale episode
suddenly raman gets a call and all go to the hospital
there shagun delivers a baby girl.

manoj comes out crying
raman asks him why he is crying. he tells him that we could save only the baby and not shagun. all gets shocked.
manoj gives ishu mobile and asks her to hear. everyone hears that voice message.
in that shagun apologizes to everyone for hurting them so much and then asks ishu to take care of that baby and be as ishi maa. ishu is stunned.
she asks manoj how can she accept this child. he asks why and he says that he is a doctor and he has many commitments. he cant spend that much time to baby. that too she is girl and she needs a mom’s love. please accept her. all says ok and ishu hugs the child and cries.
scene 2
all come home. mrs.bhalla do arti and welcome ishu and baby.

after 1 month.
ishu, shivanya and sesha are 9 months of pregnancy.
sesha cares for her egg. and protects it.
ishu, raman, shivanya and rithik plays antharkashari at late night. suddenly ishu and shivanya gets pain.
at the same time, sesha’s egg also leaves crack.
they rush to the hospital.
shivan and sesha rush to temple and keeps the egg in the shivji’s feet.
manoj comes out and says congrats, ishu’s deliver is over. a baby girl is born but shivanya’s has some complications.
all are sad . rithik cries and tells to save shivanya eeven if they couldnt save the baby , its ok. but i need shivanya. raman consoles him.

there, the egg is getting multiple cracks. shivan and sesha cries that why the egg is not breaking and giving only cracks. guruji consoles her and tells that this child will come to the world for sure and will create the history. all prays for shivanya’s health. manoj and other doctors try hard and finally delivers the baby. it was a baby boy. meanwhile sesha’s egg also breaks and it is a baby girl. shivan looks at her and says she is looking exactly as shivanya when she was a child. sesha hugs her happily. guruji says that this baby is a human and says to shivan and sesha that they also should go to human world now as they served a lot for shivji. they asks but how this baby can be a human as they both are snakes. he tells them that is the greatness of shivji. he tells them that now naagmani is safe and for next 20 yrs no one can touch it. so you go with your child to human world and be happy. he blesses them.they go to see shivanya. they see her child and feels happy. they tell to everyone that they has become humans now and this child also born as human. toshi gets happy and says we all live as 1 family.rithik tells them that yes we will go to our palace and we will live happily. all agrees.

scene 3
after 1 week
pandit ji comes and naming ceremony takes place.
pandit ji names shagun-manoj daughter as pihu.
ishu-raman daughter as ishra.
shivanya-rithik son as rivan
sesha-shivan daughter as shivanya.

suddenly shivanya asks panditji that my name is also shivanya so please change the name as it may create confusion.
pandi tells her that your kundali and this child’s kundali is exactly the same. all gets happy. sesha tells her daughter to become like shivanya mami, as she is always nice person and also a strong person.pandit tells them that this children will certianly make you proud and leaves.
then after a while,
ishu, raman, rithik, shivanya, sesha , shivan, adi, ruhi and the newly born children go to palace wile rest of them stays in delhi itself. they all go to the palace.
adi and ruhi take care of the kids. finally rithik asks for a groupfi and also pose for a pic. the screen freezes on their happy faces.
the show ends.

friends thank you so much for your love and support…. the second part will be coming soon. it will start in the next week. it will be completely love story. there you wont have any revenge or hatred, only friendship and limitless love. catch you all in next season bye…..take care

precap: intro of all the kids…..

Credit to: supriya

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    Very good ending.pls start season 2 as soon as possible as I can’t wait

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