yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 18


scene 1
after 3 months
godhbarai function
all proceed rituals for shivanya and ishu.
all bless them and take evil eye from them.
ruhi cares for them both.
shagun sees all this and fumes that her place has been taken by ishu and thinks to do something that finsihes her.
she gets the idea and smiles. adi feels sad as his mother is left alone and no one is there to do the function for her.

sesha comes there does the function for her and asks her to rectify her mistakes as she thinks her as her sister. shagun thanks her and asks her not to interefere in her matter and asks her to leave
sesha leaves from there
scene 2
ishu, shivanya, rithik and raman gore for a reception of their client.
shagun also comes there with moanj and adi
she sees ishu standing in upstairs.
she silently goes behind her and pushes her. adi holdes ishu and gets shocked to see the behaviour of shagun.
all rushes to ishu. ishu says nothing has happened to me, adi saved me. ruhi thanks adi for saving her ishi maa.

adi calls ishu as ishi maa and asks if she is fine. she gets glad and says yes. raman gets tears. he thinks finally adi accepted ishu.
shagun asks adi if he is mad to call ishita as ishi maa. he tells her that only now he has recovered from madness. just by giving birth you cant become a mother and tells her not to call him as her son anymore.
i just need ishi maa not you. she has never seen you as her sautan . she saw you as ruhi’s mom but you. just leave from here. manoj also scolds shagun that how can she do like this ishu after many struggle has become a mother now,
but today you tried to kill her and also her unborn baby. i feel ashamed .
shagun leaves fumingly. adi cares for ishu. she hugs ruhi and adi. shivanya and rithik thinks everything becomes fine. rithik promises her that he will get justice for her parents death.

scene 3

someone calls rithik and informs him something.
he gets shocked and tells everyone that someone killed his father.
yamini gets shocked and cries. she acts that she told ankush not to go to that shiv temple. only naagin has killed. shivanya gets angry.
rithik sees yamini and asks her why naagin has to kill ankush and what he has done. yamini tells everyone that he killed two naagins before. so now their child is taking revenge
adi calls her shameless and says you killed that naagins and also now ankush. shivanya gets shocked. rithik tells her that she has fixed a camera on your chain so that i can keep a eye over you.
he plays the video whereankush and yamini have a verbal argument over naagmani. he tells her that we will give naagmani to that naags itself. we doesnt need it. yamini lashes him and says i need it and
stabs him.she says that she killed naags for it and now you. she then laughs and goes. then rithik says that with help of shivan and sesha and also nagmani, he gave life to his dad and calls ankush. he comes there. shivanya

apologizes to him thinking that he killed her parents. he tells her not to feel sorry. sudeenly police comes and arrests yamini that you killed two snakes and also now planned a murder
. yamini cries and apologizes to everyone. but no one cares for her. yamini acts by showing motherly love. he shoves her and says she is not her mom and he knows who is his real mom.
she points toshi. everyone is shocked. rithik tells that both toshi and yamini were pregnant at the same time. during delivery, yamini’s child died and not toshi’s. but
seeing yamini’s condition toshi gave her child to yamini. raman’s dad also says the same. raman hugs him and says that he is his own bro. toshi then tells, half brother.
she apologizes to mr. bhalla that once, she and sangram singh eloped together. that time she was drunk and even he. mr.bhalla then tells ok because he loves her a lot and even she loves him a lot.

rithik and raman sees the happiness of their family. the cops arrest yamini and go.the judge declares death sentence to yamini. shivanya thanks him. he tells no thanks and no sorry between them as she is his life. they both hug. ishu tells
them that this is court. she feel shy and gets apart.

precap: shagun delivers a baby girl. ishu, shivanya, raman and rithik play antharkashari in the late night.

Credit to: supriya

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    The story of Mac and Manasvi, who starts a relationship with him to take revenge against his wrongdoing to her sister Kavita, but ends up falling in love with him when she finds out he was not at fault. Aditya has struggled with alcohol addiction for years, and this habit became even worse after the death of his mother. After arguing with his father one day, he visits a desi bar. There, he meets Shruti, a bar singer. Two people whose lives are ruled by alcohol in different ways.

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