yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 17


scene 1

episode starts with ishu calling shivanya and tells her that she know her reality and scolds her that she did not even tell her. shivanya asks what. suddenly someone sprays in her face. she gets fainted. the kidnapper take her to an isolated place. then the kidnapper sprinkles water on her face. she wake up. she sees the kidnapper and asks you…he says yes its me only. the kidnapper is rithik. suddenly ishu and raman come there and shivan and sesha too. all wish her happy birthday. she gets overwhelmed. she breaks in tears and tells everyone that this is the same day on which she lost her parents. ishu consoles her and tells her that she knows that she is a naagin. shivanya asks how. ishu tells that during haldi she saw your back of the body was changing to snake’s skin and i confirmed it. i also heard that a naagin’s love will wont be failed. rithik is very lucky. she also tells her that she brought a gift. she shows the stone. she tells when mr.malhotra sold to us, i got a doubt and i knew that shagun was following us, so i kept an eye on her. i heard when she was talking to sesha and confirmed that this is naagmani. shivanya thanks her. ishu says no thanks between sisters. they all cut the cake. and celebrates her birthday.
scene 2

after 2 months
ishu and raman meet manoj and gives him the reports. he tells them that the report is positive and ishu has all capacities to become a mom. so get ready to welcome your child. they gets happy and ishu gets tears. they come home and informs everyone. all gets overwhelmed and thanks matarani. suddenly shivanya faints. raman calls the doctor, she checks and tells that she is going to become a mom. all gets delighted and says this is a double dhamaka. there even sesha gets pregnant. she happily informs shivanya. rithik tellls everyone about shivanya’s reality. yamini and ankush gets scared and thinks that their 25 yrs secret may come out. the screen freezes on their scared faces which is noticed by rithik.

precap:rithik alleges yamini for killing ankush. she accepts that she killed shivanya’s parents and sangram singh. later shagun pushes ishu

Credit to: supriya

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  1. who is married to shesha shivanya’s brother or anyone else

  2. it is shivanya’s bro only rivanya

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