yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 16

epi 16

scene 1
ishu and raman meet mr.malhotra. he introduces his wife and his daughter. he further tells raman that yamini was about to fix rithik’s marriage with my daughter ayesha but suddenly she cancelled this proposal. my daughter is distressed and dejected. ishu feels sorry and tells that rithik and shivanya are made for each other and they love each other. so please leave this talk. he tells ok and gives a stone and tells raman that this price is 300 cr. raman gives cheque. ishu gets shocked. she asks mr.malhotra what is the name of this stone. he tells her that its a kind of emerald. she sits in doubt and starts thinking about the stone keeping it in her hand. shagun sees her and tells to herself that ishita this is not emerald stone. this is nagmani. this will lead to your death. and i will kill manoj after my delivering of baby. then i will have raman, ruhi, adi and also money. i will live a luxurious life. i will come with raman alone leaving his drama family and will live in manoj’s bunglow.

scene 2
in temple
all are shocked to see rithik there. shivanya goes to him and calls rithik but he does not respond and goes in a devastated condition. sesha taunts her that she didnt do anything to snatch her husband. and goes to attend a call. it is shagun and she tells her that ishu is having the nagmani. sesha doesnt believe her. shagun asks her to see through her majic and asks her to kill her. sesha scolds again for telling to kill ishu and asks her to shut up. shagun fumes and disconnects the call. sesha goes thinking. she tells to shivanya that ishu is having the nagmani. you have to get that from her. shivanya says ok and tells that ishu is not a bad woman and maybe she doesnt know that it is nagmani and leaves to find rithik. suddenly it rains. rithik walks in the road in a dejected sullen look. shivanya reaches him and tries to talk to him. but he refuses. he scolds her and tells her that she cheated him. you just want nagmani and need to kill my parents. then you will go away from me. you will leave me. shivanya tells him not to tell like this and tells him that she is not a naagin anymore as she consumated her marriage with him. rithik looks shocked. she further tells him her story. he feels sorry and apologizes to her. he tells her that he will help her in his mission. she thanks him and hugs him.sesha and shivan sees this from far and feels happy. gurudev comes to them and says today is a very auspicious day. so today will be their sugharat and also tells them that their child will recreate the history. they smile. they transform into snake and leaves. they both consumate their marriage. ishu calls shivanya and tells her that she knows her secret. shivanya looks shocked.

precap: ishu and raman meets manoj and he tells them that their report is positive… shivanya gets kidnapped and she is shocked to see the kidnapper’s face…

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  1. Update next episode soon. It’s a A class episode

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