yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 15


im so sorry guys, hereafter i cannot update my story on everyday. so please you suggest any 2 days to update because my college is gonna start……orelse if anyone is interested, you can update it regularly, but please tell it in comments that you are going to update…

scene 1
raman and ishu reach Australia for honeymoon……they go to the hotel and raman hugs ishu..she tells him not to romance during day time. he tells her that she is his wife and will romance at any time and also anywhere.. she gets shy. they both have an eyelock. suddenly ishu’s phone rings. it is ruhi. ishu tells her that she misses her a lot and even ruhi tells the same. raman talks to ruhi and asks her to take care all of them. she tells ok and disconnects the call…..he then tells ishu that they have to go and meet mr.malhotra and asks her to get ready as it is a family-official meeting…..she says ok.

scene 2
shivanya reaches temple and sees sesha sitting silently and also sadly. sesha talks to lord that she need to do amendments as she tried to snatch her sisters love and kumkum. hearing this gets angry and she scolds her for snatching her kumkum and sindoor. sesha cries and asks her to understand but she continues scolding. shivan consoles sesha. she then tells him to marry her so that shivanya will get releived. they both marry in presence of shivanya and gurudev.shivanya then turns and shocked. all are shocked to see rithik standing behind…..
precap: rithik walks in a devastated condition. shagun tells sesha that ishu is having your nagmani and asks her to kill her.

Credit to: supriya

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    Good episode supriya

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  2. Nice episode

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