yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 14


epi 14
scene 1
rithik and shivanya travels in a car to go to a temple which is inside a forest….
suddenly their car stops
rithik:oh no , there is some engine problem. only mechanic can correct this. i’m helpless sorry
shivanya: rithik no need to say sorry..its ok leave it
suddenly rain comes they doesnt know what to do
shivanya sees a hut there and they both go into it.
shivanya’s dress is fully wet and even rithik’s too.
shivanya shivers in cold. seeing her, rithik makes bonfire. shivanya dries her saree and hair. rithik sees that wonderful sight and he goes near her.
she shyly asks him not to come near. rithik says he will come and shivanya shyly runs. rithik catches her. she falls in a husk bed . he also falls on her and caresses her face.he kisses on her forehead. she removes his coat and shirt and kisses his chest. he then removes her pallu and both romances….a colth falls on them and covers them…tum hi ho plays…

scene 2
sesha is sitting lost……she thinks about rithik and the moments spent with him……she cries badly and then takes a resolution that she cant snatch her sister’s happiness and love and thinks to forget rithik. she apologizes to shivanya in heart that she cant forget rithik. she then closes her eyes and starts praying shiv ji. but rithik comes in her mind.she thinks of romancing with rithik. rithik and she feed each other and she gets pregnant of him…she then wakes up form her dream and prays to shiv ji to take her life as she cannot live without rithik and also cannot hurt shivanya.

scene 3
shagun is checked by manoj and tells her she and baby are fine. he asks her to go to home and he will come later. she hugs him and goes…she then sees mihir in a travelling agency and she thinks to give this good news to . she stops the car and goes to him. she hears him saying that this is a honeymoon package for raman and ishita. shagun feels jealous and irritated to see ishu with raman. she tries to stop them but suddenly she thinks about the rich and luxurious life of manoj and stops. she then goes away from there. she thinks she cant live without raman and also luxurious life of manoj…..she gets an idea and gets happy…she says mrs.ishita bhalla you are finished.

she then calls sesha and asks her to help her. sesha scolds her calling her characterless and shameful lady to snatch other woman’s husband and kumkum. shagun gets shocked.she then sees adi and thinks in heart that adi is her drumcard….the screen freezes

precap: raman and ishu reach Australia for honeymoon. shivanya scolds sesha for snatching her sindoor. shivan concoles sesha and she asks him to marry her.

Credit to: supriya

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  1. Siddhi

    Good episode loved it very much supriya pls continue soon

  2. Naaginfanforever

    Nice. Please continue.

  3. It is fantastic. No words to explain. Update next episode soon.

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