yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 12

scene 1
sesha asks shivan how did he know about them. he tells her that he is shivanya s brother. you all call me as shivu.sesha remembers and tells which means my fate is destined with your fate..but this is not possible. I want rithik. shivan also tells her that shivanya should marry that prince and not rithik. we should go from here. suddenly power goes off. all the naags escape and goes.

scene 2
shivanya comes to her room and gets ready. ishu also does the same. but raman comes there and says he will make her ready and that is promise. she also says OK. Raman makes ishu wear the saree, combs her hair and ishu in turn make Raman ready. yeh hai mohabbatein plays….

scene 3
shivanya sees sesha in the parking. she goes there and shocked to see shivan. he hugs her saying as sister and she also hugs him saying as brother.shivanya tells everything.he tells he knows everything and asks her how she forgot that she should marry only that Prince and how can she leave her cousin sister. shivanya tells him that rithik is that Prince and His parents only killed our parents.and also tells him that she is not a naagin anymore. sesha is devastated to hear this. shivan congratulate shivanya of her new life but tells her that she should have postponed her sugharat after completing her mission. she asks sorry and he forgives. sesha stands there by vowing to forget rithik. the screen freezes

precap: shagun faints suddenly shocking manoj. all relatives and neighbours come to see the brides…

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  1. Siddhi

    Good episode really loved it

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