yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 11

epi 11
friends sry for making u angry. but thanks for your comments…here we go for next episode
scene 1

at morning
shagun finds a face mask .she takes and wears and is shocked because it is Raman’s face mask. she goes out and tell everyone. all gets shocked. manoj comes from inside and tells everyone that this was their plan. shagun asks whom. manoj tells see the TV. all watch TV. in that video, Raman goes to an isolated place.manoj comes there and tells that he loves shagun and also about her evil plan. so raman and manoj team up and he wear ramans mask and was acting. shagun is shocked to the core and asks where is Raman. he comes there with ishu in the marriage attire, all gets happy. elders bless them .ruhi jumps in joy. rithik and shivanya congratulate them. Raman then thanks manoj and asks shagun to leave. manoj takes her forcibly. adi also goes with her. Raman tells everyone that he will understand ishi maa. all smile and ishu does her grahapravesh . mrsbhalla tells ishu and shivanya that today eve neighbours are coming to see the new brides.all then goes to their rooms.

scene 2
rithik gifts shivanya a red saree and matching jewellery. she gets glad and hugs him. he then plays with her hair. she tells him that she is a naagin. rithik is shocked to the core and he tells that she may be any creature, but his love won’t change. she cries and hugs him. he then goes to talk on a call.
shivanya gets worried as she is naagin anymore and how will she kill rithik parents….

scene 3
sesha is trying to break the cage but she can’t as electric current is made to pass through the cage. the naag in nearby cage suddenly changes into a man. sesha gets shocked. he sees her and falls in love with her….she then asks who is he. he tells that he was shivan, assigned to bodyguard phanchalkuri prince who is going to be my brotherinlaw. but he was caught by this people and made me as ordinary naag. today I. got my powers back. sesha then tells her story.he then asks her name is sesha and her cousin name is shivanya.. the screen freezes on her shocked face.

precap: shivanya hugs shivan addressing as brother. Raman makes ishu wear the saree.

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      Hey shreyaa pls update love makes life beautiful pls it’s really good.u can write it in any way u want but pls continue

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      Hey shreyaa pls update love makes life beautiful pls it’s really good.u can write it in any way u want but pls continue and pls update it today or tomorrow

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