yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 10

epi 10
scene 1
ishu shouts everyone to go out.she then address the reporters that she loves Raman a lot and this was all the planning of shagun and the marriage will happen at any cost.Raman comes and hugs ishu. people gather around them. shagun cries and asks the people to give justice.everyone e asks raman to accept shagun. Raman and ishu leaves from there.shagun. smirks

scene 2
everyone in the house are crying. ishu comes and tells Raman to marry shagun and this is her final decision and tells alma that they are going back to chennai and leaves. rithik and shivanya feels sad as ishu helped them but they could not help Raman

scene 3
after 5 days
wedding of Raman and rithik
raman_- shagun and rithik- shivanya marry and the rituals take place

at first night
Raman shagun sleeps with adii and ruhi . ruhi is sad and misses ishu. rithik and shivanya celebrate their sugharat. shivanya totally forgotten that she is a naagin and sleep with rithik. sesha inthecage cries badly and ishu on her way to chennai cries thinking about the good moments…

precap: shivanya tells rithik that she is a naaginwhich shocks him to the core.

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  1. What the he’ll ?
    raman and shogun married
    I am going to stop reading ur f
    I hate u supriya

    1. Siddhi

      You are right but still will read your ff

  2. What the hell
    u made shagun and raman married
    I am going to stop reading this ur ff
    I hate u

  3. friends please wait for next episode

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