yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…episode 1


Hi friends this is Supriya. The intro was given by saki. But hereafter I’ll be updating the episodes. Hope u like it
Scene 1
Ishita’s house
Amma:ishu take your lunch box
Ishita face is not shown
Ishu:k amma. Byeeee

Amma: bye
Ishita comes out of her house and sees ruhi and adi
Ishu:hi ruhi and hi adi
Ruhi: hi. Adi bhayya ishi maa ka hi bolo
Adi: stop ruhi she’s not your maa. Come soon orelse the bus will leave
Ruhi:ok . bye ishimaa
Then ishita peeps into bhalla’s house to see raman. But she does not see him. She just hears his shouting and thinks he is an arrogant man and goes.
At raman’s house
Raman gets ready for office.
Mrs.bhalla: raman beta, please come home early
Raman: why?

Mrs.bhalla:yes we have to match kundalis and see so please come early.
Raman:I’ll try.
He also comes out of his house and peeps into ishu’s house but could not find her. Her amma comes and notices raman.
Amma: raman do you need anything?
Raman:no aunty. I just came to get newspaper.
Amma: raman actually sorry, we dont read English newspaper. We have only tamil paper.
Raman:its ok aunty. By the way, where is your daughter?
Amma smiles and tell him that she has went to clinic. Raman then sees ishu’s small age photo in which she she is fat and laughs at that and goes
He comes to the parking and thinks..”will this girl be suitable for me. I’m a CEO but she doesn’t even read English newspaper and also too fat. What a girl. Thank god till now I have not seen her orelse I would have got heart attack”. he smiles and goes.
Scene 3
In shiv temple-agra
Shivanya and sesha have a talk
Shivanya: sesha u have to do a favor for me

Sesha: tell me
Shivanya: today you have to go to that yamini’s house and find out how many people are there and what is the way to get inside their house. I cant come because I have to do a havan to strengthen my powers.and sesha please keep 1 thing in your mind. We are naagins, we cannot let are emotions to come between our revenge. Don’t fall for any human’s. after our revenge complete, we will be living tapasya’s life.

Sesha: ok. I’ll see and come
Sesha goes to rithik’s house and sees rithik coming out and stunned with his looks. She gets attracted to him and she changes to a young hot lady wearing a black saree with silver border. Rithik also sees her and calls her inside. She is shocked and doesn’t know what to do. She goes
Rithik: who are you and what are you doing here?
Sesha: i…..i…..have come for……
Rithik: oo you have come for interview right?
Sesha: ya!!!!
Rithik: but for that you have to come to office not to home.
Sesha: ya actually sorry, I don’t know your office address, I just saw your house vacancy board and I have for rent and also I don’t have any job. So can you give me job and also house for rent.
Rithik: ok I’ll give house for rent but for job you have to come to office. But you doesn’t know my office, its ok come with me.

Sesha gets happy and goes with him in the car. A romantic song plays in FM and she gets more romantic towards him and also her imagine starts. Suddenly she comes out of her imagination and thinks of shivanya’s words. She scolds herself that how can she betray her sister and asks rithik to stop the car
Rithik: why are you telling me to stop?
Sesha: because I have to go to shiv temple.
Rithik: but your interview?
Sesha: yes I’ll come but before that I have to go to temple.
Rithik: but how will you come as you dono the address?
Sesha: give your address and I’ll come

Rithik: ok see you there. Bye
Rithik goes and sesha reaches shivanya and tells her about rithik and her feelings. Shivanya scolds and tells her to control the emotions. Sesha also nods yes and they sketch a plan…
Scene 4
At a hotel

Raman is busy with his clients and suddenly sees a girl wearing beautiful red saree and her pallu touches his face. He gets stunned and she also sees him and gets attracted. They both have an eyelock. The clients call him and friends call ishita, so they goes. They both get smiling and her friends tease her.then an announcement is made that couple’s can come and dance. All goes and all ask raman and ishita to come and dance as they were the singles there. They both first resist but then shyly agrees and dances beautifully. All compliments them. But raman thinks that he is going to get married and he should forget this incident. Ishita also thinks the same.They goes. (still raman and ishita doesn’t know each other)

Precap: rithik interviews shivanya. Sesha hugs rithik. Raman and ishita meet in an toy shop.

Credit to: supriya

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