yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge season 2 episode -2

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scene 1
kids finish their bf and goes to college
ishu discusses with shivanya and rest of the family members about adi’s marriage.
raman says yes we have talk about this. tomorrow mummy is coming to settle this matter
shivanya tells ishu to ask adi if he loves anyone.
ishu tells she will ask him and goes

scene 2
rivaan and shivu hit each other. they quarrel . all comes there and asks them what happened. they blame on each other. sesha calms shivu and shivanya calms rivaan.
all tease them. rithik asks the kids to be quiet and asks rivaan to ask sorry to shivu. he argues that mistake is not his but rithik ask him to say sorry. he also tels. shivu also tells sorry. they ask them to go to college and leaves. sesha gets thinking….

scene 3
at the evening
after college gets over
ruhi(looks like tanu) goes to her home in a a scooty. suddenly her scooty stops in the midway which is like a forest.
she shouts for help and looks her phone. battery is dead. she gets furstrated.
suddenly a audi car comes . she thanks god and shows her hand to stop. the car stops and ahandsome boy gets down. he is none otherthan
our handsome hero rishi( kasam’s hero)
he looks at ruhi and falls for her. she tells him about the scooty. he tells her that he is going to panchalkuri and will drop her.

she thanks him and get in his car.the screen freezes on happy face of rishi…

precap:rishi hugs ishu and calls as athai. ruhi is shocked and surprised. later mummy and amma argues that the bride for adi will be from their respective states

friends the next episode will be on saturday

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