yeh hai pyaar – a sweet revenge…intro


Ye hai pyaar…(intro)
Hi friends…..i have come with a ff of two serials. That is yeh hai mohabatien and naagin…..
I hope u like this and please comment and express your thoughts abouth this ff… pls don’t be a silent reader… I need your feedback and opinion……pls do comment.
Ok now lets take into the characters.
1.raman bhalla- CEO, a big businessman, father of two kids
2. ishita- raman’s neighbor , a dentist, ruhi’s lovely friend
3.ruhi-raman’s daughter
4.adi- raman’s son
5.shagun – raman’s wife
6. rithik-a young businessman
7.yamini-aunt of rithik but pretends to be his mom.
8. ankush-yamini’s husband who loves rithik a lot
9. shivanya- a naagin who awaits to fulfil her revenge
10. sesha-another naagin who helps shivanya and she is her cousin.
Ok friends now let’s go into the plot. Its just an intro…
Raman with his family lives in Mumbai. His wife shagun is a spoiled rich lady. She spends all the 24 hrs in pub and parties. She doesn’t look after her kids and family. Ruhi is very much affected by her mom’s behavior and also raman’s lonliness. Raman’s family always have afight with shagun but adi strongly supports his mother.he is just 10 yrs old.shagun uses adi to fulfil her needs. At one stage fight goes stronger and they file a divorce . raman and shagun are divorced. After divorce, shagun goes and does not care about adi and ruhi. Adi is very much hurt of her behavior and hates everyone.
In the meantime, ruhi developed a relationship with neighbor ishita. Her marriage was to be happen but broke at the last moment because of the fact that she cant become a mother. She was deeply hurt and found ruhi as a medicine to her wound. They both were very close and ruhi started to call her as ishi maa. After raman’s divorce, ruhi told her dadi that about ishita and both the families decided to get them married. However fights started between the families as raman was a Punjabi and ishita was a tamilian. Finally all are set for marriage. But raman ,ishita and adi was not interested in this marriage.
An interesting fact is that raman and ishita has never seen each other before…….
In the meantime, in agra, there is another businessman known as rithik. Yamini don’t like him but ankush loves him a lot. But yamini shows fake love to rithik as she wanted his property . yamini and ankush does not have own children as they both don’t have any physical relationship. Ankush loves yamini but she married him on an deal. Earlier, yamini was a princess and ankush was just a gardener. He saved her from nags and even killed an ichadari nagin when she tried to take the nagmani. Yamini asked ankush not to tell her secret to anyone that her motive was to get naagmani. Then she killed sangram singh, her brother and rithik’s own dad and took rithik when he was 1 yr old. So rithik does not know anything about this matter.
Shivanya and sesha are the two naagins. Shivanya wanted to kill ankush and yamini as they killed her mom and shesha is her cousin . she also helps shivanya.
I hope u liked my into…so pls comment and share your views….
Precap:raman and ishita dances together. Adi sets fire on raman and ishita’s kundalis. Sesha sees rithik romantically…

Credit to: saki

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  1. Samreen Chougle

    Interesting dear u should continue

  2. It’s interesting. Plz continue and plz write the updates a little often.

  3. Wowwwww nice

  4. It’s fantabulous. Update the next episode soon

  5. Good episode ps continue.

  6. thanq all

  7. its very lovely shows plzzz continues this seriouls…i luv this seriouls..

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