Yeh Hai Muhabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 1)


Ishita sits by the fire. She tries to recollect her memory on what happened between her and ashok. She questions herself why all this happen to her. Despite being good and thinking the welfare of everyone why such bad things happen to her. She cries vigorously. Amma sees her in despair. She comes to her,consoles her and encourages her. Suddeny ishita squeezes ammas hand amma cries in pain then she starts chanting mantras which she learns from the guruji. she realises that it doesnt make any difference . So she panics and leaves.
Raman works in his office, he gets a call and leaves. He meets his friend Gajan. He is a stress reliever. He hypnotises people and make them tell everything that stresses them. So Gajan suggests Raman to bring Ishita to his clinic to see what he can do about it.
Amma wonders why the mantras didnt work on ishita. Vandu enters the room and asks amma whyshe looks so worried. She tells what happened. Vabdu asks amma to relax and let raman handle it.
Abhishek calls Mihika and she ignores his call thinking that he is discussing about her with mihir. Ruhi comes after school and sits sadly. Mrs. Bhalla and Simmi tries to feed her but she says sye wants to eats from ishi maas hand. They all get teary eyed.
Raman wait ls impatiently for an oppertunity to tell ishita about Gajans suggestion.

Precap – Ishita cries bitterly uttering Shaguns name. She tells repeatedly that she is not shagun but ishita surprising both Raman and Gajan.

Credit to: ting tong

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