Yeh Hai Muhabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 3)


Ishita struggles to let lose her hands. Gajan questions her. She says she is not shagun but ishita Gajan asks the meaning of it. She says that she has changed now that she needs a break. She has always been very caring and passionaye to everyone yet always got nothing but careless attitudes. She says she gave her time and love and whole life to everyone and No one cares for her. Gajan asks why she behaves like shagun. Then she says. Shagun wins always. I am after all nithing but an unfirtile woman with a husband and two kids whose mother is the ine who did everythng bad. Shagun never did any good but deserved everything. She was a mother and a wife and a lover etc. I do good to all but gets nothing. So here after i want to live a care free life.
Gajan promotes her to speak more and realises that ishita is under great pressure and her inner soul hates her persinality. Deep down in her mind she is not continent. She feels very incomplete. She needs to break free from all tge emotional ties that makes her stick and strabgle into relationship. Raman gets teary eyed listening to all this. Gajan further says she behaves like shagun because deep down inside she has desires. And she also loves attention like every other woman. But everytime she is putting others first. These desires were buried all this while and after the ahock of shaguns demise all this has come out. He says once the imbalance of the mentality gets ok she will be ok. Until that she will be like this. Raman cries and asks god why a person like ishita suffering so much by marrying a bad man like him and blames himself for her condition.
A lady is seen getting down from a car and her face is not shown. Her walk and talk shows she is pregnant. Her voice is similar to shaguns.
She orders a doughnut and a coffee with chocolate powder topping and says this is my ruhis favourite duo. Doughnut with choco shake. Still the face is not shown.

Precap – Parmeet enter a cafe. He is in a call. He sees something and gets totally shocked.

Credit to: ting tong

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