Yeh Hai Muhabbatein Fan Fiction (Episode 2)

Story til now – Raman does his best to cure ishita. Amma tties to figure out if ishita is possesed. Meanwhile raman meets his friend gajan who states he can help ishita by using hypnotism.

Ishita buys a lot of things from a shopping mall and uses ramans bank card to settle bills. The shopkeeper who knows raman well sighs thinking what a waste yet says who cares as he gets paid. Ishita drives the car recklessly and almost knocks a lady. The lady falls on the floors. Its pammi. Pammi shout ishita help me but ishita tries to drive away. Pammi somehow manages to get into the passenger seat of the car and tells ishita that she is injired so to take her home to dress her wounds as theres no need to go to hospital as ishita knows how to handle a wound.
Ishita gets really angry seeing pammi in her car amd asks how dare she get into her car and demand her for medicine. Then she accuses her for walking on the toad carelessly without seeing where she was walking. Except apologising for knocking pammi, ishita keeps accusing her boldness for demanding firstaid and for walking carelessly waddling her fat body. Pammi get really angry and shouts at ishita and they have a cat fight. Mihir on the way from work sees this and settles the fight by dropping pammi to a dispensary and doing the needful. Ishita accuses mihir calling him a boneless weak man who is ramans lap dog. Mihir gets teary eyed when ishita scolds him yet patiently listens as he respects her a lot.
Raman comes home after work meets pammi in the apartment lift. She states that she is comingfrom the doctors after dressibg her wounds. Raman gets shocked knowibg what ishita did.
Raman talks to someone throifh the phone and tells it must be done fast as things are getting out of hand.
Raman does sweet talk with ishita while she annoyingly listens. And suggests a dinner outing. Without being excited about the outing ishita worries about the saree she has ti wear and tells that she cant come as she hasnt a new saree and she cant wear a saree mire than once.
Raman somehow manages to take her out of the house and tricks her and takes a to gajans place. He somehow firmly manipulates ishita and tries her into his hypnotising chair and starts to hypnotise her.
She shouts and screams. And at a point she shouts thay she is not shagun but ishita. Raman and gajan gets a shock listening to her.
Ruhi cries in her room. Shravan consoles her.

Precap – a lady is shown in a car, she seems to be pregnant.

Credit to: ting tong

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