Yeh Hai Mohabbatein…ff..(Episode 5)

Recap – Nidhi get Arrested

Ishu & Ruhi Come back to India along with Mani & Aliyah.Ishu is Soooo Happy & also a lil bit tensed.

Mani : Ishu,R u okay ??
Ishu : Ya…But…
Mani : But…Kya hei Ishu ? Thinking about Raman???
Ishu : No Mani.I am okay.

After sometime, They reached Home.Ishu rings the Bell.Amma Comes & Opens the door.She Can’t Believe her Eyes.Her Daughter…Ishu….Standing in front of her.

Amma : Ishu…
Ishu : Amma…
Amma Called Mr.Iyer & Everyone. They all Come there & get shocked by saw Ishu alive.Amma & Appa become Emotional & Hugged her.

Amma : Ishu,How u got Saved ? What Happened that day ?
Vandu : And Mani…U here??Mera matlab…..
Ishu : Akka,Relax…I will tell u all what had Happened.But…Before that,U have to inform this to Bhalla Family.
Amma : But..
Ishu : Amma, Plzz

Vandu goes to Bhalla house & Knock the door.Mrs.Bhalla Opens it.All r gathered on Hall at that time.Vandu Enters in.

Mrs.Bhalla : Tum…
Vandu : Aunty…I want to inform u all that….ISHU….SHE IS ALIVE….
Mr.Bhalla : What ???
Vandu : Ha…She Came Back.Plz Come to home.She wants to tell Something.

By Hearing this, All gets Shocked & Rushed towards Iyers Home.By seeing Ishu,Raman Become Happy & also get Angry…on what had happened before.

Mrs.Bhalla : Ishitha Puttar….
Ishu : Haa,I Don’t want to spoil anyone’s time.I want to introduce Someone to u all.RUHI……. COME…..

All get shocked by hearing Ruhi’s Name.& Thinks that What is she saying.

I know what’s going on Ur mind now.Ha its true that RUHI is alive.Ishitha Explained Everything to Bhalla & Iyer Families. All remains in tears….

Ishu : That’s what Happened. She is our RUHI.

All Become so Happy & Hugger her tightly. Raman is in cloud9 that he got his life back.

Ishu : Amma,I am so sorry.I know…
Amma : Bas….I got u back.That’s Enough for me.Thanks Mani..U given me My daughter back.
Mani : Amma,She is my friend. No..No..My Best Friend.How can I leave her?Its my duty to Save her.

At that time ,Pihu Comes there…
Pihu : Papa,Why r u here?Daadhi….All r here..Which means…All were united?
By saw her,Ruhi & Ishu looks at each other.Both r teary eyed.At that time Pihu notices RUHAAN there.
Pihu : RUHAAN!!! Wow……My Rock star!!!
Pihu hugged her tightly. Ruhi brokes the hug & said,
Ruhi : I am not RUHAAN….. I am RUHI. Ur elder sister.
Pihu looks at Raman & he nods Yes.Pihu jumped in joy.
Pihu : Heyyy…..RUHAAN is my di…..No..No…RUHI Di…But Papa,Why don’t u tell it before?
Adi : Its a long story Pihu.I will tell u later.
Pihu : Ok Adi bhaiyya.
That time Pihu notices Ishu there.She goes towards her.
Pihu : Are u come back ? Ye aapki beti hei na paati?
Amma : Haa Pihu.
Ishu kneels down towards her.Pihu touched her face softly..
Pihu : Soo Pretty…
Ishu cried & hugged her.At that time, She remembered abt Raman’s words.Slowly she broke hug & stands up.

Thanks for those who had commented on my FF….Thankzz a lot….If it have any Mistakes, Plzz forgive me…

Credit to: Navya


  1. ananya shinde

    omg!!!awesome one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!pls write fast cant wait!u should be the writer way better than their story u rock!awesome navya!

  2. ananya shinde

    wow!!!!plz write next one na!
    u should email this to ekta kapoor its way better than her rubbish

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