Yeh Hai Mohabbatein-Saat Saal baad, episode 1

Hello! This is a new fan fiction that will start from current episode (05/07/16)

Bhalla and Yyers are preparing for the most dashing men contest, Santoshi motivates Mr.Bhalla to get fit by jogging and Mrs. Yyer forces vishva to eat only fruits. Meanwhile, Raman brags about that he would’ve win if he joined the contest, and will not join the contest to let other people win. Ishita laughs and challanges him to join the contest. Raman accepts the challange.
Aaliya and Aadi tries to convince mihir, as that was their main plan. Mihir too accepts but with some conditions, that he should only wear the clothes he always wear and he will not shave his moustache. they both agree.

Ruhi gets emotional seeing both families happy together. She reminces when she was small and all the happy moments with both families. She then thinks “No ruhi, no! i cant forget what ishita Yyer did to me”. She runs back to her room. while closing the door she accidently pushes down Ishitas photo. She picks it up, and says “Ishimaa” very quietly. She puts the photo back on the wall. Ruhi then decides to call Niddhi as she hasn’t speaked with her in a while. Niddhi is angry with the waiter and yells at him. she throws away the phone and while doing that she answered the phone by misstake without knowing it. Ruhi keeps listening.

Precap: Niddhi says to Ashok that this is one of the biggest plans and she cant afford a misstake. Ashok says to not worry. Ruhi is shocked to hear that

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    NICE, but very short update

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    Nice one…..

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