hi guyss this is mahi here i know many of you have seen me commenting on yhm written updates….and of course those wher in favour of raman and this one is in also in his favour
ok first let me start from here u ol may be wondering that what promoted me to write this type of open letter to raman haters well answer to that question i myself don’t know i am a girl and even being a girl i could never connect to the chacter of ishita (all though i love her to the core but somewhere the connection is missing may be it is becoz of the thing that she is always rite and in real life you don’t find people like her who are always rite, selflessly loving) but from day 1 of yhm i was in total awe with the character of raman he wasn’t like tyagg ki devi aur devta type but was realistis he made mistake corrected them said sorry to the hurt ones and moved on he wasn’t like ishita who forgave people easily but he was simply a beliver of saying that – if u made mistake better earn ur appology instead of asking” he made many m istake but tell me if he was not sorry for them or didn’t did penance for those mistake

Anyways now let me come to the point firstly well we ol are hating raman for many reason for being rude to ishita ,calling her stepmother or banch etc etc but guys try to understand him at first he was a normal man who fell in love with a girl call shagun at the end he was betrayed by shagun , shagun filled ears of his son adi against him ,did insult him for some money so in that case anyone would has start hating love and become animal same happen with raman he became animal but then he met our ishu who made him a loving son ,caring husband and doting father , best son inlaw ,,in short she made him a human being,, he started loving his life again …he starting beliving ishita more then he belived himself but on one black day ruhi incident took I know raman said a lot to ishita called her a stepmother banch etc but guys understand whatever he said was his anger he also lost his daughter whatever he said to ishita was for 7 minutes and ishita took that big step but raman has being taunted hated by every1 for 7 years I hope you understand the difference b/w 7 minute and 7 years and plus ishita only had to bear raman harsh behavior his hated words but raman has to bear every1 haterd every1’s taunt his own son adi blame’s him every1 easily forgot what raman did for them and hated him . now secondly I thought every1 in this serial has some or other brain problem mihika how easily forgot what romi did with her made her obsense video and got married to him but how could she forgot what raman did for her he punished his brother when ashok tried to molest her what all raman did to make her happy whatin return he got her blame her hatered … iyers very well know raman how much he did for all of them they can hate raman for killing there daughter but now they know that ishita is alive they are hating him they can forgot what romi did with mihika but they cant forgot raman bad words for ishita I guess making obsence video of some1 and telling harsh word to laady when u lost ur daughter are different things how can vandu tell shagun that raman didn’t desrve ishita she herself has seen that when bala’s mom use to taunt ishta for being childless raman always supported her gave his prisedentship for her sister’s dentist licence supported vandu when bala was jobless ..and mrs iyers how can she forgot what raman did for ishita for herself ….and yes now coming to bhalla house here you will found people totally mad simmi she she is supporting romi sectrely giving files etc etc how can she forget that after insulting raman to extreme level raman always supported her think good of her and most Importantly gave her life of respect……mr bhalla he gave money to romi to start business then also he insults him his wife but he cant understand raman who atleast gave him respect of being his parent ……….romi how can he forget that it was raman who didn’t sent him jail for his misdeed but gave him chances to rectify his mistake in short every 1 hates raman because he was rude to ishita on one single day ..but supports romi for mhikas video sarika case etc and guys most importantly in 7 yrs ishita got some1 who loved her…..daughter who treated her like mother but raman got haterd taunt blame from his son and every1 else so u cant expect that 7 yrs feeling of being hated taunt blamed most for the crime which didnt took place to vanish in few minute ..raman ego is not his ego but his frustration for hating himself for ishita sucide

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  1. U r right mahi. I agree with u completely. But Raman is not perfect and ofcourse he dont deserve Ishu. Becoz just think…. Raman hated Ruhi but ishu made him love her. She loved Ruhi more than anything. He knows it well. She had no rivals before she got married. But after marriage Ashok, shagun and etc. She managed everything. She risked her life not once but thrice and saved her family, made adi a good boy and showed Ruhi a motherly love. Even when Raman needed Adi’s custody and gave away Ruhi, she supported him and beared Ruhi’s hatred. She had done so much for him and his family. And even that day she just called Abishek to make sure that she does not lose Ruhi. But Raman forgetting all these simply called her stepmom. Insulted her to the core. And remember ishu dont even wanted baby of her own. Only Raman forced her to have surrogate baby. Always words are mightier than sword. How could Ishu bear these words from that man whom she thought her life. That too ok. Atleast after knowing That ishu is dead he should have regretted. But no. Again he is blaming Ishu. Ishu who was insulted so much as banch etc stayed away from her daughter for seven years. She sealed her emotions fr him. But he is with his family and daughter. Only Raman hated all and behaved rudely but his family only loved him. So Raman doesnt deserve to insult Ishitha.

    1. hi pinky thats so nice of you to comment but dude he had guilt for ishita sucide for 7 yrs he only blame himself for ishita death and therefore now when he had seen her he is like faltu mein aapne app ko cosa and yes which family are you talking about his famil only backstab him romi paramji simmi mr bhalla every1 is busy backstabing him and you just think frm other if he can hate ishita then once he meltdown how much he will love her and yes once again thanks you for commnting

  2. Let stop watching all ekta kapoor crap ..she had already ruined all her serials on all channel…

    1. thanks for commenting

      1. i wish that dosent happen with yhm she is xprt in making a serial hit and ruining it frm its charm like whta happen with matsh

  3. ur correct mahi…good explaination

    1. thanks for commenting

  4. I agree with Pinky, Raman does not deserve Ishita since he is selfish and have always thought about his benefit whereas Ishita has selflessly always helped Raman n his family

    1. dude even raman helped ishita a lot he resign frm presidentship just for her dentist licence sent his weakness adi to court for hurting her amma helped bala and vandu …..he did so much for mihika,

  5. not only now when ishu kept secret camera in adi room….. with utmost care and concern only she did but that time also raman scolded her as she s not a mom……as he remember shagun face in ruhi’s face he hate ruhi ishitha made him to love ruhi……but raman also did so many things for ishu he cleaned ashok shoes and serve drinks when she was haunted …….both insult and love he gave equally to her…..

    1. you 100% correct thanks

  6. I think you are right but raman is not right either he called her a stepmother whereas she loved ruhi like her own daughter and ruhi is alive no one knows that fair enough but I shuly is then why isn’t raman accepting that ruhi died 7yrs ago he should get over it but no he is still blaming is huge whereas despite that she is getting the two families closer.don’t u think raman is doing wrong I agree that his 7yrs were spent with hatred but that doesn’t mean he make is huge the love of his life hate her life. I do agree that is huge did wrong by commit suiciding and not telling anyone she’s alive but don’t you think how she must’ve felt all these years. Both ishra r right but somewhere along the line this is all because of ruhi she wants to seperate them. Before she United them and now she wants to seperate them but I think you r right.

    BTW.. simmi is not supporting Romiley in fact she caught him stealing.

    1. dude i will never say raman is rite but my point is he also deserv condolense atleat in 7 yrs if he would have suffer more than ishita it was ishita choic to lean pihu but raman never wanted to go away from adi ruhi which partially happn bcoz ishita commit sucide so now his frustation will come out in form of insult yaa u r correct that simmi didnt help romi in stealing my interpretation is wrong so sorry and thanku you for commnting and sharing ur views

  7. but ekta mam s playing with mani and shagun’s feelings always main character feelings are important wjat about shagun she left manoj and 7 yrs she spend her life for pihu…… i dont know how she s gonna end up the story……

    1. yaar i now shagun will turn -ve that sure but i dont want that to go with mani he is such a gem thanks for commenting

    2. that is sure gonna happeen with shagun but i don’t think mani shld turn -ve he is such a gem

    3. that is sure gonna happeen with shagun but i don’t think mani shld turn -ve he is such a gem
      btw thanks for commnting

  8. What standards are there in Raman!s character 3 marriages four diverces . Is it a role to discuss

    1. 3 marrige i only remmember 2 ,,,4 diverces????????????? dude i thnik u got some calculation wrong

  9. This drama is too much..plz end fed up with seeing unpractical incidences of this drama.real life will never be like this..

    1. No1 here is saying that this happens in real life but i m just asking people to see the other side of coin and dont blame only raman thanks for commenting

  10. Dude I think Raman is a human being in the serial not some great mahan or something. He gave love nd insults equally to ishu. I am not saying Raman is 100 percent ryt. In the ghost drama when mrs.bhalla threw ishu out of The house Raman supported her even when her parents ignored her. Same way ishu also has done so much for family. All raman haters how will u feel when someone suicided coz of u nd u found them alive after 7 yrs. Won’t u feel frustrated. At least ishu cud have let him know she is alive then problems would have sort out quickly.In the start raman did not hate ruhi he is just reminded of shagin’s betrayal when he sees ruhi so he did not express his love for her.And guys dont u find ishu is equally wrong when u find raman wrong?

    1. U r absolutely correct

  11. Yaa u r true but I don’t hate raman…

    1. thanaks for agreeing

  12. Nice oneee mahiii………Raman has faced soo many hurdels in his life ,what he need from everyone is love and the same in the case of ruhi she also missed her parents love,care and affection in 7 yrs…. raman & ruhi are showing their pain & frustuation in the form of anger………writers are making ishu as a devi ,i wish to see a ordinary human being rather a mahan vyekthi ……Both raman and ishitha have done mistake….ishitha runawayed from her problem and raman blamed her for everything happened…………..

    1. Thanks for agreeing u r 200% CORRECT

  13. ya mahi i like mani very much he wont turn -ve but he ll break down a lot ……………….OMG i cant see that………

    1. yes yaar it will be painful to see that

  14. You R Absolutely Wright Mahi…..I am Agree with ur Points…..I am not saying that Raman is 100% wright…But He is not wrong at all….He suffered much more pain in these 7 years…..Ruhi is not only Ishu’s Daughter….Vo Raman ki bhi Beti hei……So jab uski Death apne aankhon ke saamne dekha hei…Both Ishu & Raman were Shattered…..Raman ko achi tarah se viewers jaantha hei vo kaisa insaan hei…….Uski feelings hamesha uska gussa mein Bahaar aa jaata hei……I know that he called Ishu a Bad Mom,Step mom,Baanch,etc…But just think that , He said all that in his Sadness & Frustration…Not Intentionally to Ishu…….I know Boli huyi Baatein waapas nahin le saktha….At the same time,Ishu Committed Suicide….. But She Committed suicide not only due to Raman….Its Also due to Ruhis Death…She felt the guilt that Ruhi died Bcoz of her in some way…..So only She did that…….Raman also not expected this step from Ishu…….So he was also shattered……. Ek din mein uss se Uska Beti & Uska pyaar….Donom alag hui ….At the same time,Ishu saved by Mani…..But She have to inform about her at least to her own family……But she didn’t ……In these 7 years,Ishu also felt pain for Ruhi……..But she have a thought that All R Happy in her family with others…..But she doesn’t know about the real Conditions……… So Raman suffered a lot of pain than Ishu……We all know that He loves his JKR Most in the world……So its quite natural that he behaving in this way when he saw that Ishu Is alive……..Vo Jo kuch bhi itni saalom mein saha hei…..Vo gusse ke tareek se Bahaar aa rahi hei……Nothing else in it…….Ishu also knows that……
    I am Equally Love Raman & Ishu’s Character…….RUHAAN aka Ruhi also Correct in her point of view……I am not taking any side of ISH or RA……I am only in the side of ISHRA ?
    Its only my opinion……. If anyone hurted by this,I AM REALLY SORRY…..

    1. Ya v ol luv our ishra they will definately unite

  15. neither raman nor ishita were perfect. exchanging the kids was raman’s plan. according to his plan he has to save the kids but instead of saving, he was just watching behind the tree and then blaming ishita. when he saw ishita after seven years, there was no feeling of love how much he missed her but just started hating. guys if we see someone after long time we express the feelings which we have in heart rather than thinking and acting according to ur mind. atleast he should express feelings and then remember and then hate her. if raman was blaming him for ishita dead then ishita is also just blaming her that every thing happened because of her? and there is no need of showing pihu as saghun is her mom. if ur wife is dead then childrens are tehre will you tell them that some other is mom and his wife. u can say any other relations and she is taking care for her like ishita and mani did. aliya is known that they are not her parents from child itself.

    1. Dude raman plan was that once nidhhi take ruhi then he will act and yes even i dont understand the logic behinf showing shagun as pihu mom and yes if u want to see raman love for ishita then see videos in which he first met ishita in jail for adi there dance there eyelock luk at raman eyes ven ishita was applying ice pack at his allergy the way he luk at her even now is enough to show his luv for her

  16. Read all comments …. Mahi … Pinky … well explained …we can blame only the situations … see Ishitha knows Raman so well … she has already taken the bold step to bring him back ….to normal human being … see the term love is something that none can explain … both of them conquering each other in defferent way …its not that defficult tto be loving caring selfless for a person … one can bring thei life into beautiful … Really liked the character Ishitha …. can handle anything and everything … being very practical … many people can learn from this … but our Raman too is like that …. thats why their chemistry is amazing … but his character is shown in defferent way …. One thing for sure even if Raman not shouted also … Ishitha wud have committed suicide … no Ruhi … no Ishima … thats the term value here .. Pihu is not v important to her …. the motherly affection towards Ruhi is something one can explain … but for Raman … no Jkr … he is totally a dead person … mentally unstable … hence all this shouting … of course people recalls all bad words in anger … but calling baanch and all to the core …and now also repeatedly saying the same thing … Is it for Ishitha to go away from him live happily ? yet to know …their love is some thing to be admired … blame the cvs …. they are making fans hate …him … This is my view …. Raman suffered … he jept ditance and hatred towards the family … Where as Ishitha moved on … gives impression happy … but Ruhis seven years ? alone with Nidhi … I really wonder such characters will be there ? Ruhis suffering was the wordt .. Raman had Pihu …

    1. yaa u r correct vp i agree to you my only probelm is that we shld not only blame raman alone ishu is to be equally blame thanks

  17. he kept distance i meant … Ruhis suffering was the worst … error

    1. yes she literraly did no mistake and suffered the most

  18. Everyone taunts Raman that is way he’s so grumpy and angry. When Ruhi died Raman was broken. He told harsh words to Ishita but when he got the news that Ishita has committed suicide his life was totally shattered
    But when he met Ishita he felt that she had cheated him by staying away from him for 7 yrs. This is the reason why he hates Ishita. Raman has again turned into a stone in 7 yrs bcz he had lost the 2 important things of his life- Ishita and Ruhi

    1. Yes u r rite i agree with every word of urs

  19. I have a problem with both the characters. Raman whenever something goes wrong quick to blame ishita or someone else. To be fair ishita was against sending Ruhr with Niddhi and Raman forced her. Of course Ishita wasn’t going to take any risks. Raman should feel guilty, he was quick to be angry at other people when it was his idea. He agreed and said he had a plan. And he said to Ishita was beyond cruel which would actually push someone to committing suicide. You’re blaming someone for someone’s death. Your child’s death plus calling them step mum. Yes she got saved but why would she go back to someone who basically told her to get lost and after saying all that to her. She’s going to feel pretty worthless. Raman needs to grow up and learn that not everything is someone’s fault, and if goes through a hard time like everyone does he needs to be able adjust rather than turn into a miserable human being constantly complaining. He isn’t the only one going through this. My problem with Ishita and basically with majority Indian women in these Indian serials is that they have no backbone. She needs to stand up for herself and stop allowing people to treat her like nothing just because she’s so forgiving. You’re right no one is like that. Yes she’s kind but that doesn’t mean she can’t be a strong woman. It’s annoying. And when the women are a bit more stronger in these serials they’re usually the villains. Like come on. You don’t have to be depicted as a villain because you won’t take nothing from anyone.

    1. Hi Leena that so sweet of you to comment and share ur views but dude try to understand that Raman plan was to send ruhi with nidhi and latter on catch her but he didn’t tell this to ishita so she thought that Raman will send ruhi away frm her she should have belived Raman that he will not do anything like that and this happen vice-versa that ishita planned with romi and didn’t told Raman so when he got news that ruhi died he thought that it’s becoz of ishita so he told her that much but dude ishita only heard Raman words and committed suicide but Raman has 7 yrs handle every taunt every blame and hatered so now when he saw ishita alive it was natural to get angry yes u r rite in Indian serial heroine is shown as tyag ki Devi which shld change as this is 21st century

  20. Mahi……. I totally agree. Ishita is like Swara from swaragini. Totally perfect, goody-two-shoes, can do nothing wrong. But Raman is human. He already had to suffer a lot. He loved two women and both, according to him, betrayed him. I am upset with a lot of things Raman does, but let’s face it, he is a frustrated man. A man who was guilty of abetting his wife’s suicide, a father who failed to protect his daughter, a man who couldn’t keep up his promises. 7 DAMN YEARS, he has lived in his failures.
    Remember, when Shagun was scolded as she left Ruhi as an infant? Ishita is no better. She left Pihu as an infant. Let’s face it again, she already lost Ruhi, as a mother she should have been with Pihu NO MATTER WHAT. At least for Ruhi as Ruhi lost her life cause Pihu. But no. She whisks off with Mani to Australia and doesn’t even care to see if everyone is alright. Then suddenly she decides to drop in.
    Everybody needs to treat her as they did with Shagun then. Scold her for leaving her child. A poor, innocent child.
    Imagine Raman’s pain. Seeing the love of your life ALIVE, living with another man. A man you had already been insecure about.
    Ishita is to blame. Along with Raman, she is to be blamed too.

    1. bela i have no words for you yaar u r infinetly correct agree to every word of urs hats off person u just said wat i wanted every1 to understaaand

  21. Ishite tried to commit Suicide. Attempted suicide. That’s a big issue and this has not been delicately or sensitively handled in the show. Simply brushed off because she’s alive. The fact that his cruel words and the incident that lead up to it made her feel like she doesn’t want to n live is a big deal. She hasn’t received any support for that. Don’t think that suicdial attempt has portrayed very realistically to be fair. His anger is his way of dealing with everything that’s going on but in the long run its not getting him very far. Yes he’s a human, but also a grown man with a family. Ishita thought he hated her so of course she’s not going to want to return, maybe it wasnt the right decision for her to remain gone, but the fact that she thought she’s better off dead to her family should also be considered. She was left feeling unwanted and worthless. Again I have a problem with her character because again she’s willing to put up with everything no matter what. She’s living with another man who she doesn’t have any relationship with except friendship at this point, Raman is willingly ready to marry Shagun. In real life women should have the right to move on. Again trying to make her too kind is bothering me because it’s portraying her as weak. I don’t think they’re both to blame for the situation, as they had to suffer from cruelty. The way they behaved and reacted could have been better. It basically could have handled better on the show.

    1. No one understands the seriousness of attempted suicide. Probably because the show hasn’t handled that with sensitivity. It is devestating and traumatic, and people responding to that with Anger is mean.

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