Yeh hai mohabbatein os ishra and pihu united

Hi guys this is my first try for yhm so pls support me
My os starts from the current track when shagun will bring pihu to ishra’s marriage

Lets begin
Shagun brings pihu to ishra’s wedding and pihu gets shocked seeing her papa marrying ishita
Everyone get shocked on seeing pihu
Pihu shouts papa
Raman:pihu beta it’s not like this
Pihu:what is this papa you all told lie to me again for This aunty who is she from the time she came here only bad is happening she is very bad papa don’t marry her
Ishita:listen pihu beta
Pihu:don’t call me beta you are like mumma told me whenever you come you take away my mumma’s happiness
Ruhi couldn’t control anymore
Ruhi:enough is enough pihu you have no right to insult our mother like this you don’t even know the truth
Adi:yes pihu you don’t how much ishima loves you
Pihu:no she doesn’t she can never love anybody she is doing all this just for taking revenge from me bcuz I didn’t obey her

Ishita:pihu how can u tell like this I love you a lot pihu I’m sorry Raman but now I can’t keep quite I have to tell the truth to pihu
Raman:no ishita
Ishita:pihu I’m your real mother not shagun and iahita explains everything about surrogacy how nidhi took her away how they fell from the hill how she went to Australia and

Pihu was shocked after listening this she immediately ran up to the room and locked herself

Everyone ran to her room and requested her to come out but she didn’t open
Raman:see ishita I told you not to tell but you
Shagun:yes raman she is very selfish and today she proved it bl**dy selfish women
Adi:enough shagun mumma

Then raman and adi break the door and see pihu was lying on the floor
They immediately went towards her and sprinkled water on her face sh regained consciousness and open her eyes everyone was there around her bed except ishita bcuz she didn’t want pihu to get angry seeing her

Pihu:mumma mumma
Pihu said once she gain conscious
Shagun:yes baby what happen how r u feeling
Pihu:mumma mumma
Shagun:what pihu I’m here only
Pihu:not you my mumma my ishu mumma

Everyone was surprised hearing this and were very happy.
Ruhi:wait I’ll call ishimaa right now
Pihu:no I’ll go to her I made her cry so much na so I’ll ask forgiveness also from mumma
Everyone smiled hearing pihu calling ishita as mumma

Ruhi took pihu to ishita
Ishita was sitting in her room crying
Pihu went in to ishita and sat down indront of her holding her ears
Pihu:I’m sorry mumma I didn’t know the truth sorry for behaving badly with you
Ishita was overwhelmed she tightly hugged pihu
Then they broke the hug and come to the hall
Pihu:shagun mumma now also you r my mumma only bcuz I know you also love me like my mumma now I’ll call you shagun mumma like ruhi di and adi bhaiya

Shagun smiled with tears in eyes
Shagun asked forgiveness from everyone for her past behavior and everyone forgave her

Shagun:I’m sorry mani i used u but now I truly accept this relationship
Mani:it’s ok shagun and I’m happy that I accepted our relationship
Alia:ok so shagun aunty now when u and appa have accepted the relationship then can I call you mom
Shagun was very happy
Shagun:sure alia and they hugged
Suddenly a boy of 17 yrs entered the house and shouted surprise
Ishita:arrested vivaan I’m so glad u came
Vivaan:of course momsie after all its your wedding
Then he greeted everyone
Vivaan:hi mom
He told to shagun
Shaving smiled
Vivaan:di told me about me about you and I’ heard your conversation also so now I’ll also call you mom
Shagun:sure beta

Pihu:papa now come on let’s go to the mandap otherwise mahurat will go
Then ishra sit for marriage
Pandit calls someone for gathbandhan
And pihu ruhi and adi look at eo and smile the trio do the gathbandhan

****************the end****************

Sorry if I wasted your time and pls comment

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  1. If it willhappens really in yhm i amso glad to see serial again but dont it will happen or not

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  4. it was awesome . i loved it a lot . so finally pihu accepted ishitha . i loved that scene when ishitha hugs pihu . thank u for this os

  5. awesome yaar. i hope pihu will accept ishitha in yhm

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