Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (INTRO)


Hey everyone! This is my new fan fiction and I hope u will like it. I don’t like the current track of YHM where Raman hates Ishita but I like the characters of Adi and Aaliya and I hope that they both will be our next YHM couple. So my story starts from where Niddhi took Ruhi and met with an accident and presumed to be dead. Raman held Ishita responsible for it threw her out of his life and family. Distraught, Ishita commits suicide and Ashok and Suraj saw her, they informed Abhishek about it. ACP Abhishek being a great cop found Niddhi and Ruhi, arrested Niddhi for the charges of misrepresentation of proofs in court, kidnapping and attempt to murder and brought Ruhi home where everyone made her understand that Ishita thought of her before her own daughter and thus Ruhi’s misunderstanding got cleared. He also told the family about Ishita’s suicide and everyone was distraught. Adi was so pissed off his father’s behaviour with his Ishi Maa that he blamed him for his mother’s death and a father-son relationship broke once again. Shagun is married to Manoj and have a son named Rohan and the 3 r living with Bhallas. Manoj also considers the Bhalla family as his own family and Adi, Ruhi & Pihu as his own kids.

But but, Ishita was saved by Mani and in this process he himself got injured and Ishita took him to Australia for treatment where she took care of him and his nieces and nephews as their own mother. Adi went to boarding school in Australia where he came across Aaliya and then he came to know that Ishita is alive and staying with them. Adi told her about Ruhi being alive and ask her to come back home but she didn’t. Instead she requested Adi not to tell anyone about her being alive b’coz Raman insulted her so much that she can’t go back to him again, though she loves him but she can’t keep her self-respect at stake everytime. Adi agreed and he stayed with them and he & Aaliya became best friends forever. Mani has 2 nieces and 2 nephews from his sister.

Tammanna Singhania – the eldest of all 4 kids (of Mani’s sister), married and has one son named Aayan.

Jaydev Singhania –tammanna’s husband, professor in Adi’s boarding school and really close to him.

Manik Pratap Singh – Mani’s nephew, younger to Tammanna and elder to Nirvaan and Aaliya. One of the youngest business tycoons of the world, in love with Nandini who is in Delhi, India.

Nirvaan Singh – Mani’s nephew, twin of Aaliya elder to her just by 10 minutes, Adi’s best friend, a good dancer, football and basketball player

Aaliya (Baby) Singh – Mani’s niece, youngest of all, Adi’s bestest friend, a gr8 dancer and a good basketball player. She also knows boxing & karate and is a black belt. She and Adi share gr8 bond of friendship together.

Aayan (Aayu) Singhania – Tammanna’s 3 year old son, very very close to Adi, Aaliya and Ishita especially Adi. They both call each other ‘buddy’.

Nandini Ranawat – Manik’s fiancée, they both r in love since high school. She came back to Delhi, India after college and is now a cardiologist by profession. One of the best cardiologist of the country in just a short span of time. MaNan’s Roka is already done but when she came to India her parents died in a car accident and she only has Manik’s family. Ishita considers her as a daughter instead of a daughter-in-law.

In my story Mani, Tammanna and Jaydev died in a accident when Aayan was just 1.5 yrs old and Ishita decided to brought him up. Manik has increased Mani’s business to a gr8 height.

Romi has divorced Sarika and left the house. He married Mihika and he is now one of the BoDs of Manik’s company. He also found Rohit and took his custody with a lot of help from Mihika (that’s how they fall in love and got married). They both also know that Ishu is alive when they both went to Australia when Romi got a job offer from Manik

Credit to: Aneri

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  1. Sarayu(honey)

    Nice, but so many charecters

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Nice….But its lil confusing….. Due to more Characters…….

  3. jasmine Rahul

    here niddhi got arrested n raman got ruhi back.adi met ishita in australia n is supporting her.he n aliya gud friends.mani,jaydev n tamanna r no more.omg.manik is a nephew n nandini is his fiancee.surprised abt manan here.romi working 4 manik.he n mihika also know that ishita is alivewow…there r many ffs on yhm post leap.but this ff i different as it has Adi Aaliya as a pair.i am also hoping 4 adi aaliya luv story on d im looking 4ward 2 adi aliya luv track mainly in this ff.

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