Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 5) (Part A)


Everyone was ready for the picnic. The required things were loaded in the car. Everyone entered their cars. Adi, Baby, Nandini & Aayu were in one car, it was a sports car only 4 can be seated & some stuff picnic stuff was also kept in it. Raman, Manoj, Shagun & Simi were in jeep with Ananya, Pihu & Shravu. Bala, Vandu, Shitija & SimiSimi along with Neelu were in the other car. Mihir was in the other car along with the oldies i.e. Mr & Mrs Iyers and Mr & Mrs Bhalla. Each & every car have some stuff of the picnic. Adi’s car was in the front, Baby was on the driver’s seat & the journey started. They were going to a resort which is outside the city. From the start of their journey a bike was following them but they ignored it. Then suddenly the biker overtakes Adi’s car & blocked his way. Baby suddenly stops the car & behind her the other cars too stopped. Baby & Adi came out to see who it was.

Adi :- oh Hero. What’s ur problem man?
Biker :- u. U r my problem dude. Going picnic without me Not Faaiiir. (Saying so he lifts up his helmet & reveals his face).
Adi :- Nirvan u? (Yes its Nirvan, Baby’s brother)
Baby (runs to him) :- bhai…… Oh my god. When did u come? Why didn’t u tell me? And how were u riding ur bike what if smth have had happen to u?
Nirvan :- relax Baby I’m fine see. I came this morning at 4 & I didn’t told u b’coz I wanted to give surprise to u.

Adi introduced Nirvan to everyone & then they again started their journey. This time Adi was with Nirvan on his bike & Nandini was on the driver seat. Nandini gave Aayu a play station to play so that he cannot hear the talks of the girls.

Nandini :- so Baby what do you think abt Adi.
Baby :- why this sudden question?
Nandini :- I mean the way he cares for u is like a lover caring for his love.
Baby :- Bhabhi he is my best frnd.
Nandini :- he can be the best life partner.
Baby :- Bhabhi plz we both r best frnds & frndship is the purest relation in this world. We can’t be life partners.
Nandini :- in which rule book it is written that best frnds can’t be life partners. In fact frndship is the base of every relationship.
Baby :- Bhabhi can we plz not talk abt this plz.
Nandini :- fine but plz do think over this.

On the other hand Nirvan was riding the bike & Adi was sitting behind him.

Nirvan :- Adi what do u think abt Baby?
Adi :- as in?
Nirvan :- as in do u like her or should I say love her? If yes then me & Big B (Manik) don’t have any problem with it & Mammu will also not have objection with it.
Adi :- woo woo dude apply a break on ur thoughts. Me & Baby r best frnds so plz.
Nirvan :- oh c’mon dude the way u care for her clearly shows ur love for her.
Adi :- plz Nirvan we r going on a picnicpicnic to enjoy so plz focus on it. OK.
Nirvan :- OK fine but plz do think abt this.

They all reached the resort but Adi & Baby’s mind & heart were somewhere else.

Credit to: Aneri

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  1. jasmine Rahul

    nandini n nirvan r trying 2 make adi baby realize their luv.but they havent realized it will they realise it?

  2. madhur peshwani

    As well as we know ruhi ki mout ho gyi…Serial me unke ghr me……ruhi ki death photo tangi hui h….usme haar chada hua h….same pihu naam ki girl jo pehle ruhi ka roll kr rhi thi….vo ab usi episode me ab ek hi ghr me roll krti h

    Or uske photo frame me…..haar chada hua h……what’s this nonsense shits

  3. Interesting….. post soon

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