Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 5) (Part B)


Everyone reached the resort (the same where once both the families went before). On reaching the children changed their clothes & dived into the pool whereas the elders r sitting nearby enjoying watching the kids. Adi & Baby were though physically present their but mentally they were in their own worlds. Both of them were thinking abt each other, their frndship. There was a tough battle b/w their hearts & minds (but but but they r forgetting one thing that in this battle, 99% times the heart wins). Aayu who was still in his clothes came & sat near Adi with a socks ball in his hands.

Adi :- hey buddy! What’s up?
Aayu :- hey!
Adi :- dude why r u having a socks ball? Where’s ur basketball?
Aayu :- I don’t like to play with it anymore.
Adi :- what? Since when?
Aayu :- since the day after I fell in the pool & almost died.
Adi :- Oh. But as far as I know Aayan Jaydev Singhania is a brave boy and is afraid of pool. Nah… This is not the Aayan Singhania I know.
Aayu :- buddy I’m brave but what if I drown again?
Adi :- Aayu listen to me carefully ok, u fear that if u go in the pool u’ll drown that’s why it scares u more. But if u face ur fear then no one in this world will be able to scare u, they’ll back off seeing u standing there unaffected & on top of that don’t forget that u r Aayan Jaydev Singhania son of Jaydev Singhania who never learned to back off from his fear or challenges. So if u wanna remain scared ur whole life u may sit here & if not go & put on ur swimming costume & jump in the pool.

Listening to this Aayu left, with a dull face. Adi was a little upset seeing his buddy like this but he then felt a touch on his shoulder, of Baby telling him that he did a gr8 job. Raman too felt proud of his son the way he explained the small kid. Then everyone were surprised to see Aayu coming in his swim wear. Adi was sitting there happy while Baby was standing beside him.

Aayu (standing near the pool) :- I’m Aayan Jaydev Singhania (saying this he jump in the pool & Adi and Baby cheer for him along with everyone. Adi and Baby too jump in the pool & starts playing with him).
Adi (hugging Aayu) :- u did it buddy.

The other kids too jumped in the pool. All were having fun. Adi and Baby (whenever get a chance) share a eye lock which was noticed by Nandini who was sitting on the edge of the pool. Its evening and the time to go home. Everyone was happy b’coz they all had a wonderful day & its memory will always remain with them. This time Nirvan will drive the car as Adi demanded to ride the bike & Baby wanted to go home by bike. So now Adi & Baby were on the bike, Adi was riding & Baby was enjoying the cold breeze touching her face. Adi was mesmerized to see her (from the view mirror). Though he had seen her before enjoying the weather but this time the way he is seeing her is different. Baby felt asleep on his shoulder while he was riding. Everyone reached home late at night and Baby was still asleep, there was a cute big smile on her face indicating how much she enjoyed the day. Adi didn’t wanted to disturb her so he stealthily got down from the bike without disturbing her & then pick her up in his arms. Baby too clutched his T-shirt tightly as if she’ll fall down & he smiled at this behavior of hers.

Adi :- Papa u all go I’ll just come.
Raman :- where r u going?
Manoj (in a teasing tone) :- ohho Raman can’t u see Adi is carrying a sleeping Baby in his arms, he had to drop her off till her bed.
Raman (teasing Adi) :- oh….yeah. Adi u may go & drop her off carefully.
Adi :- Papa Dad if u both r done then can I go.
Raman :- ha toh go na who’s stopping u (again teasing) but come back ur home OK.
Adi :- Papa.
Shagun :- achcha now both of u (Raman & Manoj) don’t trouble my son (to Adi) Adi u go.

Adi, after reaching to her room, laid Baby on her bed; released her hand from his T-shirt & covered her with the blanket, removed the hair from her face & tucked it behind her ears. Baby took her blanket & turned around, Adi caressed her hair & wished her goodnight.
Adi:- Goodnight Baby sweet dreams.

Adi came to his room thinking abt Baby.

Adi (to himself) :- Adi what happened to u? What r u thinking? Don’t forget that Baby is ur best frnd, u can’t think like this abt her. She is just ur best frnd don’t forget it.

Making himself believe this fact (not fully) he went to sleep.

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Credit to: Aneri

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