Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 4)

Bhalla House –
Its a Sunday morning. Baby is still asleep in Adi’s room. Everyone r in the hallhall including the Iyers. Aayu is also awake. Adi is in the kitchen making breakfastbreakfast (daliya, brown bread, sprouts & milk) for Baby.

Mrs. Bhalla :- Adi what r u doing in the kitchen?
Adi :- making breakfast for Baby.
Mrs. Bhalla :- u go & I will make it OK.
Adi :- no Dadi. I know how to make it. It is Baby Special Breakfast I mean whenever she falls sick like this Mammu always makes this breakfast for her.
Mrs. Bhalla :- Mammu?
Adi (realizing what he said) :- I mean her mother. She & her siblings call her Mammu so I too call her mom as Mammu.
Mrs. Bhalla :- oh ok. Anyways u go na I will make the breakfast for Baby.
Adi :- Dadi if u wanna make breakfast for others u can but for Baby only I will prepare breakfast.
Mrs. Bhalla :- OK fine u win I lose. Happy.

After sometime Baby also came out of room freshed but she was still weak. Adi saw her & rushed towards her, hold her & made her sit on the dining table. He kept her breakfast in front of her & sat on the chair adjacent to it.

Baby :- what’s this?
Adi :- ur breakfast.
Baby :- breakfast yeah right. This is torture. I wanna eat some real breakfast.
Adi ( hold a spoon & in a little upsetupset tone) :- Aliya eat.
Baby :- Adi r u upset with me?
Adi :- upset with u? Why would I be upset with u?
Baby :- Adi u r upset with me otherwise u wouldn’t have called me Aliya.
Adi :- yes I’m upset with u b’coz u gave me the reason to be upset with u.
Baby :- but what did I do that made u upset?
Adi :- what u did? Seriously Baby u r asking me this question. I mean how could u forgot our medicines at home (i.e. Australia). U know na that ur body is vitamin lacking plus u r anemic & u missing our one dose makes ur condition critical. Last night when u fainted I was hell scared, ur hole body was numbnumb. Promise me that u’ll never ever forget to take ur medicines on time OK.
Baby :- OK I promise.
Adi :- OK now finish ur breakfast.
Baby :- I don’t wanna eat this boring breakfast.
Adi :- Baby u r still weak so u have to it.
Raman :- yes Baby u should eat after all Adi woke up early & especially prepared the breakfast for uu.
Baby (looking at Adi) :- u made this? (Adi nods in yes) For me? (He again nods in +ve). OK I’ll eat it.

Adi starts feeding her by himself. Just then Baby’s phone start ringing. The caller ID flashes Mammu (i.e. Ishita) & both Adi and Baby r startled to see it as they both didn’t told her family abt her health not even Nandini told them. They both then look towards Aayu.

Adi :- buddy did u told Mammu abt Baby? (Aayu nods in +ve). Buddy I told u na that there was nothing to worry abt then why u called MammuMammu?
Aayu :- I was scared.
Baby :- its OK Aayu. Now what’s done is done I’ll handle her. (picking the call) Hey Mammu what’s up?
Ishita (a little angry) :- what’s up? Baby how can u be so careless abt ur medicines huh?
Baby :- Mammu pls now u don’t start. Adi already gave me a good scolding lecture so pls.
Ishita :- good only he can handle u. R u OK now.
Baby :- yes Mammu I’m perfectly fine now all thnks to Nandini Bhabhi, Adi & his family.
Ishita :- OK I’ll talk to u later bye & take care.
Baby :- bye Mammu.

Ishita :- don’t forget to take ur medicines OK. Luv u.
Baby :- I will. Luv u too. Bye. (she hangs up the phone). So how abt a picnic as today is Sunday.
Raman :- picnic? But beta u r not well.
Baby :- Uncle I’m fine now & if I’ll stay at home na then definitely I’ll fall sick. So pls pls..
Raman :- ok. I think it’ll be a change for all us. (all the others agreed & just then Nandini entered all ready for picnic)
Nandini :- all set.
Shagun (to Baby) :- u already knew that we’ll agree.
Adi :- yes Mom. And u know what she did all the preparations yesterday only. Even the resort is booked.
Mr. Bhalla :- now if everything is done we should just go & enjoy the Sunday.
After all its been a long time since both the families went out together.

Everybody then left for picnic happily.

So how’s it. Pls do comment.

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  1. Really nice apart from some spelling mistakes overall its superb try and post a long one

  2. Hai Aanya nice episode. I love Adiya’s relationship. It’s friendship full of luv. Anyways did Adi know about Ishitha? Plz update ur next episode soon.

    1. Read the intro Adi & Ishita knows abt each other

  3. Samreen Chougle

    Ishita dont know that adi is her son and when will she come india

    1. Read the intro Adiv& Ishita knows abt each other

  4. Reshma Pradeep

    Its Superbbbbbbbbb…….

  5. jasmine Rahul

    adi cares 4 aliya a lot n made food 4 her n fed waiting 4 d picnic

  6. superbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb

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