Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 3)

The party was over, only family members were there thinking abt where r Adi & Raman.
Mrs. Bhalla :- oye where is Adi & Raman?
Simi :- did they both had another tiff?
Mrs. Bhalla (really worried):- ohho when will this cold war of this father-son end?
Mr. Bhalla :- toshiji relax ur bp is already high.
Ruhi stepped forward to calm down her Dad I but then she saw something which brought a big smile on her face. She saw Raman & Adi coming together talking, laughing. She quickly asked everyone to look at the door. As expected everyone r also shocked but it was a happy shock which brought a big smile on everyone’s face.

Mrs. Bhalla (to Raman) :- son how did this happen.
Raman :- mummy this all happened b’coz of Baby.
Shagun :- Baby?
Adi :- yes Mom. She told me to talk to Papa & sort out our differences.
Manoj (teasing) :- Adi we also asked u many times but u didn’t paid any heed to it but when she tells u to talk & sort out ur problems u agreed to her. Hmmmm impressed.
Adi :- Dad u too. I didn’t expected this from u. Anyways where is she?
Ruhi :- she was with Aayu.

Just then Baby comes with Aayu. She was weak but ignored it. Adi saw her & went to her and took her into a tight hug & she faints (unnoticed by Adi).

Adi (still hugging) :- thnk u Baby thnk u so much. I don’t know what I will do without u. U r really my best frnd. (He didn’t get any response then he release her from the hug only to find her unconscious)

Adi (panicking) :- Baby….Baby get up. What happened. Baby…Baby.

Everyone runs to her. Manoj checks her. Adi lifts her up & took her to the Bhalla House & laid her in his room.Everyone followed him to his room & surprised to see his room (as since he returned he never allowed any one to enter in his room). It has pictures of himself, Baby, Aayu, MaNan, Nirvan. Adi called Nandini asap.

Aayu (crying) :- Buddy what happened to Baby Maasi? She’s gonna be fine right?
Adi :- Aayu, baba nothing has happened. Ur Baby Maasi is just a little tired okay that’s why she fainted. By morning she’s gonna be perfectly fine. OK now go outside & play.
Aayu :- no I will stay here with Maasi.
Adi :- baba I’m here na I will stay with Maasi OK. (to Ruhi) Ruhi take Aayu with u OK & take care of him.
Ruhi :- sure Bhaiya.

Ruhi takes Aayu with her out. Nandini checked her & told Adi that she hasn’t taken her Vitamin tablets & being anemic she fainted. She gave her the vaccine & told that she needs complete rest & by morning she will be perfectly fine. Adi told Aayu that Baby is fine & made him sleep near Baby & he too slept holding Baby’s hand. At late night Raman, Shagun & Manoj saw Adi sleeping holding Baby’s hand & a smile came on their faces seeing Adi, Baby & Aayu.

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  1. Awww so sweet

  2. jasmine Rahul

    oh aliya fainted due 2 anemia.adi caring 4 aliya is nice

  3. Nice ff. Where is ishita??

  4. It is very cute te drama but sepereted of raman and isitha very sad I wish both of them are marry again and happy enddin

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