Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 2)

The party started. Raman invited Adi’s team mates, college frnds, principal, teachers, his staff, business assosiates to make them meet Adi. The trophy won by Adi was also displayed. The whole family (Bhallas & Iyers) were mingling with the guests when Pihu & Shravan made an announcement at the mike
Shravan :- ladies and gentlemen may I have ur attention pls. OK we’ve gathered here for celebrating the victory of my Adi Bhaiya & I know where is our champ right?
Pihu :- so ur wait is over pls welcome the star of the evening ‘My Adi Bhaiya’ with a big round of applause.

Everyone started clapping & Adi enters with Baby hand in hand. Besides them was Nandini & Aayu. Adi came & took blessings from the elders. Everyone asked him to introduce his frnds to them.

Adi :- so everyone she is Aliya my Baby.
Ruhi :- Adi Bhaiya is she ur girlfriend ?
Adi & Baby (in unison) :- no.
Adi :- she is not my girlfriend she is my best frnd.
Pihu :- then why r u calling her Baby?
Adi :- oh my walking questionnaire OK she is Aliya Singh my best frnd. I met her in Australia. Her family & frnds call her Baby so I being her best frnd also call her Baby. OK.
Pihu :- OK.
Adi (introducing Nandini) :- she is Nandini Dii, Baby’s to be Bhabhi. She is a cardiologist by profession. (Introducing Aayu) & he is Aayan my buddy. Baby’s sister’s son. His parents r no more.
Shagun (to Baby) :- so what should we call u Baby or Aliya?
Baby :- u can call me whatever u like but I prefer Baby.
Vandu :- where r u staying?
Adi :- here in our building.
Baby :- actually we decided to settle in Delhi after Bhai’s marriage. We r living in the flat nxt to u. My Mom & brothers will come by nxt week as a little work is left pending back there.

Adi sent Aayu with Pihu & Shitija to play. Baby & Nandini greet everyone, took elders blessings by touching their feet. Raman wants Adi to meet some of his associates but Adi jerked him away & Raman went out dejected. Baby noticed the coldness b/w the duo so she went behind Raman. Raman was outside sitting on the bench, Baby came to him.

Baby :- hello Uncle. Can I sit hear.
Raman :- sure beta.
Baby :- u r crying. Adi shouldn’t be so rude to u. Why don’t u scold him for being rude to u, u r his Dad.
Raman :- u don’t know the problem b/w us.
Baby :- actually I know. (Raman looks at her with shock) Adi never hides anything from me & if he tries he gets caught. Uncle whatever happened it happened, it was written to happen we can’t change it but what is happening now u both can change it. I know that I’m speaking too much & I’m no one to say a word b/w a father & his son but that son is my best frnd & I can’t see him in pain. U know whenever he behaves rudely with u the pain which u go through he too feels the same pain. I know I crossed the line but pls do consider abt this & talk to him, sometimes problems can be solved by just talking.

Saying so she went inside the hall. There Ruhi had heard Raman & Baby, she went to Baby to talk to her but stopped seeing her talking to Adi.

Baby :- Adi I wanna talk to u abt u & Raman Uncle.
Adi :- but I don’t wanna talk abt anything related to him.
Baby :- yes u wanna talk. Who r u fooling Adi ? Me or urself huh. See ur condition. I know u r going through the same pain as ur Dad. Adi whatever had to happen it happens u can’t deny it. Now just go & talk to ur father ask for his apology, I’m sure he will forgive u & hug u.
Adi :- for what should I apologize? I didn’t do anything it was b’coz him Ishi Ma left us.
Baby :- for that he has been repenting for the last 7 yrs & talking abt for what should u apologize for the answer is apologize to him for being rude with him. Trust me Adi one sorry is enough to sort out the problem.
Adi :- but…
Baby :- no buts. OK let’s do one thing that if this does not work out then I will never talk abt this matter I promise.
Adi :- fine.

Saying so he went out to talk to Raman. After he went Ruhi came to Baby.

Ruhi :- Baby Dii do u really think that Papa & Bhaiya will dort out their differences?
Baby :- I don’t think Ruhi I know they will.
Ruhi :- but for the past 7 yrs Bhaiya never talked straight to Papa.
Baby :- its b’coz no one tried to put some sense in ur duffer Bhaiya’s brain regarding this matter.
Aayu (came running to Baby) :- Baby Maasi I’m hungry.
Baby :- OK let’s go. (To Ruhi) don’t worry Ruhi today is the last day of this father-son cold war.
After Baby went with Aayu Ruhi thought “I hope Baby Dii it comes true”. Nabdini too left as an emergency call came from the hospital. There outside Adi went to Raman & after much hesitation talked to him. Both have a emotional confrontation where both apologize to each other for their mistakes & reconcile.

Raman :- can I ask u something?
Adi :- of course Papa.
Raman :- u sure Baby is not ur gf? I mean if she is then I’ve no problem with it. She is really a nice girl.
Adi :- yeah she is a nice girl but she is not my gf. We both share a beautiful bond of frndship & I don’t wanna spoil it.
Raman :- arey wh say that best frnds can’t fall in love with each other?
Adi :- Papa pls….
Raman :- OK now let’s go in & surprise everyone. The party is almost over & almost all the guests left.
Adi :- yeah sure.

So how is it? I know its a bit long but do pls comment.

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    Nice but where is our ishita

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