Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – A New Start (Episode 1)


It has been 6 months since Adi is back to Delhi (as requested by Ishu) to complete his MBA last semester. He is now the captain of the college’s basketball team & is also in football team. It is the Sunday morning i.e. Adi’s basketball match. Adi left the house early for practice but was a little nervous too. The reason being not the pressure of match but he was not able to contact his best friend (Baby) as she was his lucky charm. The Bhallas & Iyers including Manoj, Shagun & Rohan came to watch Adi playing, Nandini too came. Game started, Adi’s team was leading but Adi’s performance was not good enough, the family was also shocked to see their star player playing a bad game. Nandini was aware of Adi’s condition, she was trying to get in touch with Baby but was not able to. 2 quarters passed, it was half time, Adi straight went to Nandini.

Adi :- dii have u talked to her.
Nandini :- Adi relax. I called her many times but she isn’t picking up my calls. In fact I also called Mammu & everyone else but no one is picking up the call.
Adi :- is anything wrong there about which we don’t know?
Nandini :- no if it would be Manik would have informed me first. So just relax and focus on ur game.

The half time was over, Adi was again in the court. This time when he got the ball he saw someone that brought a smile on his face & the want to win the match was clearly visible through his smile. The reason for his smile was Baby, she came & stood beside Nandini & greet her with a big hug. Adi was playing in full form. Last 25 secs were left, ball was with Adi when he was about to shoot the basket the captain of the opposite team pushed him which earned him a penalty shot. Adi’s team needed only 1 point to win & all the hopes were on Adi. The opposite captain said discouraging him “u got nothing Aditya Bhalla, nothing” – Adi looked at him & shoot the basket facing him & thus Adi’s college won once again. Baby went running to Adi & jump on him, he too lift her up & twirl her around.

Adi :- where were u & why were u not picking up our calls? U know how much restless me & dii was.
Baby :- sorry baba. I just wanted to give u a surprise.
Adi :- ok but what abt others? Why were not answering our calls?
Baby :- b’coz I told them not to tell u abt coming to India.
Adi :- u scared me. U know Na u r my lucky charm.
Baby :- but u were still winning the game without me?
Adi :- yes but it would be the team’s win not mine.
Baby :- so u play for urself not the team?
Adi :- its not like that. Look I want both – team’s win & mine too.
Baby :- no one can beat u in talks either.
Adi :- that’s right. OK so how’s everyone there, when r they coming, how’s my buddy?
Baby :- everyone’s good & they all r coming nxt week for the marriage (MaNan’s marriage). And ur buddy is sitting right there (she points to a 3.5 yes Aayan standing near Nandini).

Aayu came running to Adi hugged him & congratulate him. Nandini too congratulate him & the 4 had a group hug. Adi’s family were watching this all surprisingly & shocked especially Adi & Baby’s bond. The price distribution starts & Adi was given the ‘Best Player’ trophy. Adi took Baby with him to the stage to receive the trophy, seeing it the first thought hit everyone’s mind including Adi’s family was the two being a couple but they both don’t give a damn abt what they thought.
As they came down Adi’s family congratulate him, Raman hugged him proudly.

Raman :- i’m proud of u Adi. Tonight I kept a party for u at our society community hall.
Adi (harshly):- thnks but no thnks. I’m not in a mood to party so enjoy urself. Sensing the tension b/w the duo Baby interrupted.
Baby :- of course uncle Adi will come.
Adi :- no
Baby :- yes u will & she keeps a pout face.
Adi :- fine I will but u, buddy & dii will also come along ( turning to Raman) is it OK.
Raman :- of course. They r ur frnds & we all will also get a chance to know them.

Adi then left with Baby, Aayu & Nandini.
Baby (in mind) :- tonight I’ll end up this father-son cold war for forever. Its a promise.

Precap : Father-Son reconciliation & some light moments b/w Adi & Baby.

Credit to: Aneri

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  1. Wow.. So gud..

  2. jasmine Rahul

    adi wasnt able 2 play well in baby’s absense.but she surprised him with her visit n he won.who is this Baby?hope Baby will succeed in uniting raman n adi

    1. Read the intro carefully, Baby is Aliya’s nickname.

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