Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 7

Ishita and Bala and Vandita are seen eating the cake, Suhana wakes up and goes downstairs, she looks at all of them,
Suhana: Ho, Amma? What is this? Without me?
Bala, Ishita and Vandita look at Suhana,
Vandita: Suhana, why are you awake?
Suhana: Amma, I can’t got to sleep, I’m thirsty
Bala: Suhana, do you want some cake?
Suhana: Cake? Appa are you planning to make me fat?
Vandita and Ishita look on, Vandita’s mouth opens and one eyebrow goes up
Vandita: Fat?
Suhana: Yeah, we are meant to maintain a good health, and anyway if Appa and Chitti are requesting then I’ll have some
Suhana takes the box and eats the remaining cake, Ishita looks at her and nods smiling
Vandita: Look how naughty she is gone? And Suhana I want you to go straight to sleep!
Suhana has cake over her mouth, she then quickly swallows it,
Suhana: Here?
Vandita: Naa, outside in the park
Suhana: It’s too cold outside Amma
Vandita: You have a bed!
Suhana: Yes I know Amma, everyone has to go to sleep at night na?
Vandita: Don’t act clever and go!
Ishita: Akka, let her finish the cake!
Suhana: See Chitti, Amma is so clever and she is saying to me not to act like her, how mean!
Vandita: Stop buttering Suhana or my hand will automatically come towards you,
Bala: Stop buttering each other and lets go to sleep
Suhana nods and leaves, Ishita and Vandita get up and take the plates to the sink and Bala washes them.
Vandita: Thank you Bala, if you weren’t in my life I don’t know what I would’ve done!
Bala: It’s okay Vandu, Ishita take her upstairs
Ishita: Okay, come Akka lets go.
Ishita and Vandita leave

They reach to the room, Ishita makes Vandita sit on the bed, she goes into the washroom and gets changed, she comes out and sees Vandita asleep, she goes towards the bed and leans in to put the blanket on Vandita, she smiles and lies down on the bed, she thinks about Raman, she remembers seeing his name on the sheet but not his photo, she says in her head: Where are you Raman? Then Yeh hai Mohabbatein…..plays…..she closes her eyes and falls asleep. She has the same dream as before, she sees a girl screaming and her face becomes clear, she sees her self and a man but does not see the other man killing him, she wakes up with a shock and sweats, She looks at Vandita who was fast asleep, she then breathes slowly and steady, Ishita then lies down and thinks why she saw her face and who was that man in her dream and why she was screaming and crying.

It’s morning, Ishita wakes up and does not find Vandu near her, she gets changed and goes downstairs,
Amma: It’s good you came Ishu, come have breakfast
Ishita sees everyone around the table and sits down,
Vandita: What happened Ishu?
Ishita: Nothing Akka and any ways Sharvan and Suhana why didn’t you go school?
Vandita: Kya Ishu, today is holiday from school because it’s the new year.
Ishita: Oohh.
Ishita eats her breakfast and thinks of the man on her dreams,
Appa: Okay, let’s go if you all finished eating!
Ishita: Where Appa?
Amma: To our house and Vishwa told me you decorated it?
Ishita: Yes Amma, I cleaned
Vandita: Good Ishu, you done all that yesterday! It took me 2 days to get everything ready!
Ishita: Where is Jeju gone?
Vandita: He’s gone to meet his friend
Ishita: Friend?
Vandita: Yeah, poor guy had an accident
Ishita: Ohh, okay shall we go then
Everyone nod and Ishita leaves before them so that she could set everything before entering the house.

Ishita was walking, she sees Armansh coming out of his house, he looks at Ishita
Armansh: Sorry, I fell asleep
Ishita: It’s okay Mammas boy
Ishita starts laughing and then curses Romi in his head
Ishita:I’m only joking yaar don’t mind
Armansh: No it’s okay, but Romi is seriously dead.
Ishita: Why?
Ishita opens the door and looks at the house, Armansh too looks at the house
Armansh: Wow, you decorated it nicely,
Ishita: Thanks, want to come in?
Armansh: Sorry, I have to go to my friends house
Ishita: Oh okay, never mind
Ishita smiles and Armansh leaves, Ishita closes the door but not fully, she saw the same man in her dreams and opens the door hurriedly she looks around but couldn’t find him.

She sets up the house to welcome her family, she hears the door bell and opens the door, she smiles seeing the family and welcomes them in,
Amma: Wow Ishu, this looks so beautiful!
Vandita: Ishu!! It’s amazing, I didn’t know you could decorate it so well, if I knew then I would’ve asked you to decorate mine.
Ishita: Will you all come in or stand at the door
Suhana: Invite us in Chitti!
Shravan: Don’t be stupid and go in
Suhana: I’m not stupid. You use your common sense!
Vandita: Both of you stop and get inside
All of them enter and Romi comes outside, he smiles and waves at Ishita, Ishita waves at him, Vandita looks back and sees Romi. Romi sees her and runs and she shouts to stop but he doesn’t.
Ishita: Akka, leave it your going to fall over, don’t worry
Vandita: You won’t understand Ishu
Ishita: Akka come
Vandita glares at Ishita.

Preacap: Ishita bangs into a man and Romi gets caught by Vandita and Armansh is in jail.

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