Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 4

13 Years Later:

A blurry picture is being shown, it looks like someone is fighting and killing, the women is stopping two guys and one gets killed and falls, the women screams and Ishita wakes up, Ishita is breathing heavily and is sweating

Ishita to herself: Why do I keep having this dream?
Ishita looks at the time and goes downstairs to get water, she then comes back to her room

In the morning:
Amma: Ishu wake up
Ishita: No Amma let me sleep
Amma: Ayyo Ishu, we need to start packing, we have a flight at 7:00pm
Ishita: Amma, what about Akka?
Amma: Vandu is gone and she already settled
Ishita: Amma what about us?
Amma: Vandu has done all the arrangements for us.
Ishita: Where are we going?
Amma: Dehli

Ishita gets up and looks at her bracelet. Yeh hai mohabbatein tune……plays…. Amma looks at her and worryingly smiles.

Amma: Okay Ishu, get ready, I’ll be back
Amma goes
Ishita: Raman
Yeh hai Mohabbatein…… Still Plays……
Ishita gets up and goes to the wardrobe, she picks a dress out and goes to the bathroom.

Amma: Ayyo Vishwa, I’m worried for Ishu
Appa: Madhu our Ishu is a strong girl now and you don’t need to worry
Amma: But Vishwa..
Appa: Madhu!!

Ishita gets dressed and comes out,
Ishita: Bye Amma, Bye Appa
Amma: Where are you going Ishu?
Ishita: I’m going to meet my friends for the last time and I have to go to the college to get my degree.
Amma: Okay Ishu but come back soon!
Ishita: Okay Amma

Ishita meets Maya, Sersha, Annu and Vatamil in the cafe
Ishita: I’m going to miss all of you
All: Same here!!
All hug Ishita and give her gifts, after 30 minuets Ishita leaves and goes to the college
All: We are going to miss you Ishita and good luck
Ishita: Thanks

It’s 6:30pm, Ishita, Appa and Amma are in the Aeroplane all set to go to Dehli, Ishita is hoping to meet Raman again and Amma is thinking it will be a new start of Ishitas life as she will get a good job.

They land in Dehli and come out of the airport, they see Vandita and Bala and Shravan,
Ishita: Bala jeju I’m glad you came
Vandita: Jeju’s chamchi(pet) now come with me
Bala goes to grab the bags
Ishita: Shravu, I missed you so much, Where’s Sahana?
Sharavan: Chitti she didn’t come, she stayed with Patti
Vandita: You missed Bala, then Shravu and now Suhana and not your Akka, not fair Ishu!
Ishita looks at Vandita
Ishita: Sorry Akka
Vandita: Only sorry?
Amma: Ayyo Vandu, we missed you a lot, I still remember when you got married at the age of 18 and now your happy with Sharavu, Suhana and Bala for 8 years, now a new guest is coming as well.
Vandita looks at Amma and hugs her.
Vandita: Only you care na Amma, the rest are selfish and yes Amma 2 months left till the new guest will come!
They start laughing

Bala: Quick, come lets go, Vandita breaks the hug and goes with Amma in to the car.
Ishita stops and feels something, she looks back and sees no one
Amma: Ishu! Hurry up
Vandita: Ishu, this is Dehli, get in before you go missing!
All start laughing
Ishita gets in and says: Akka!!!

They reach to the colony where Bala and Vandita live as well but they live in the seperate floor.
Vandita: Ishu here are the keys to your house which is on the second floor, we live on the third one, if you need anything then call us okay?
Ishita nods and takes the keys. Amma and Appa go with Vandita to her house, Ishita goes to her floor, she drags the suitcases and bumps into someone.

Both: Sorry and look at each other
Ishita smiles and he says: Are you new here?
Ishita: Yes
He says: What number?
Ishita: 53
He looks at her and smiles
He says: What a coincidence, I live opposite to yours, mines 54, come I’ll take you there
Ishita nods, while walking he says: Are you alone?
Ishita: No, I’m here with Amma, Appa and I have a Akka who lives here too
He says: Oh really? What’s her name?
Ishita: Vandita Balachandran
He says: Oh Balas wife is your sister?
She looks at him and he says: Yeah I know them, they live in the third floor right?
Ishita nods

He says: Look, here we are, this is my house and this is yours
Ishita: Thanks
Him: My pleasure
He leaves
Ishita opens the door and sees the house, it was a little messy, Ishita went in and opened the room door
Ishita: Wow, Amma and Appa can have this room and I’ll have the other one.

Ishita cleans the house and makes it perfect and mess free and gets happy. The door bell rings and Ishita opens the door, it was Bala, he brought all the stuff in
Bala: Wow Ishu, you made this house go zero to hero
Ishita and Bala start laughing
Bala: Here’s your stuff
Ishita: Thanks Jeju.
Bala: Take care Ishu, I need to go to Sharavan and Suhanas school.
Ishita: Okay Jeju, good luck!
Bala smiles and leaves

Ishita in her head: Now I have to fix everything
And she looks up.

Precap: While placing the last and final thing, she feels a strong feeling calling her, she looks at the door, a man rings the door bell.

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