Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 3


The Episode starts with Ishita is getting dressed
Vandu: Ishu hurry up, it’s been 30 minuets
Ishita: Akka wait I’m just coming
Amma: Ayyo Ishu aur Vandu hurry up
Ishita and Vandu: Coming Amma!!!

Ishita gets dressed and comes downstairs with Vandita
Amma: You took ages Ishu
Ishita: sorry Amma
Appa: Don’t worry we still got time, let’s go

They leave the house but Ishita remembers the ring and runs back
Amma: Ayyo Vishwa, what shall we do with this girl?
Ishita comes and apologies, Amma looks at Ishita
Appa gets the car out calls them

Bhalla house:
Bhalla Ji: Where is Raman Toshi Ji?
Toshi Ji: He’s getting dressed
Bhalla Ji: For who?
Toshi Ji: For his Bast friend
Bhalla Ji: Toshi Ji it’s Best not Bast
Toshi Ji: That’s what I meant

Raman comes down with Simmi,
Toshi Ji: Oh Raman Putar give me Simmi
Raman gives Simmi to Toshi Ji
Toshi Ji: Go check if you have anything missing
Raman nods and leaves

Ishita and Amma and family arrive
Toshi Ji: Madhu!!! It’s good you came
Amma: How could I not come Santoshi
They both hug, Ishita looks around
Toshi Ji: who are you finding Ishita?
Ishita: No one
Toshi and Madhu start laughing

Raman feels Ishita is here and runs down, he looks at Ishita and smiles, Ishita looks at him and smiles too, Ishita runs to Raman
Ishita: Raman
Raman: Ishu
Ishita: Ishu?
Raman: Yes your my best friend Ishu
Ishita: Since when
Raman: from today
And both start laughing and yeh hai mohabbatein….plays……

Toshi takes Amma to her room while Mr Bhalla takes Appa to other room
Raman and Ishita are alone in the living room
Raman: Ishu, I will miss you
Ishita: Why? I won’t miss you!
Raman: Why? I’m your best friend
Ishita: We only miss the people we are going to forget budho(Stupid) and are you going to forget me?
Raman: No
Ishita was about to hug Raman while Simmi comes and pushes Ishita,
Raman: SIMMI!!!!
Ishita falls and cuts her hand with a broken glass
Raman holds her hand and takes the glass out and she cries
Simmi falls and start crying out load, Ishita bends and picks her up, everyone come out, Toshi Ji runs to Simmi and picks her up, she sees the blood (not knowing its Ishitas) on Simmis arm and asks what happened, Simmi points at Ishita while crying, Toshi Ji tries to slap Ishita but Amma holds her hand and Toshi Ji looks on
Amma: Sanroshi, what happened, why are you going to slap Ishita?
Toshi: She hurt my Simmi and made her bleed
Amma looks at Ishita and Ishita nods no and cries
Amma and Toshi Ji start fighting
Ishita goes up to Raman and gives him the ring, he gives her the bracelet, they both look on crying

Amma grasped Ishitas hand and took her
Toshi Ji grasped Raman and took him, Raman and Ishita look back at each other and Yeh hai mohabbatein….sad plays….

Precap: 13 years later!

( Thank you all for liking my FF, I have seen the comments and thank you for the encouragement and I hope I don’t disappoint you)

Credit to: Halima

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