Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 2

The episode starts with Ishita coming home
Vandita (Vandu): What happened Ishu, why are you looking upset?
Ishita looks at Vandu with a frown on her face
Ishita: Nothing akka, my best friend is leaving me
Vandu: Who Maya?
Ishita: No
Vandu: Then who?
Ishita: Raman!
Vandu: Raman??

Ishita gets up and goes to her room, Vandita asks Amma who Raman is,
Amma: Raman is my best friend Santoshis son
Vandu: Ooh, so Amma how did Raman meet Ishita?
Amma tells Vandita everything that happens in the park and Vandita starts laughing,
Vandu: Amma she’s upset over her new best friend who she made today.

Bhalla House:
Raman is packing his bags in his room, he is thinking about Ishita,
Toshi ji: Oh Raman Putar where are you lost?
Raman: Nothing Mummyji
Toshi makes Raman sit on the bed and explains that she is his mother and she knows her son so well just then Raman huggs her and says he does not want to go to Dehli
Toshi ji: Even I don’t want to go but it’s important for your Papaji
Raman: You can leave me here Mummyji
Toshi ji: But where? And tell me honestly what’s the real reason?
Raman: Nothing
Toshi ji looks at him
Raman: Ok Mummy, it’s just that I will miss my new Best friend
Toshiji: Who?
Raman: Umm….vo….
Toshi ji breaks in and says Ishita and Raman nods yes. Toshi ji leaves Raman in his room and goes to Simmi.

Both Raman and Ishita are in their own rooms thinking about each other, yeh hai Mohabbatein plays………. And they try going to sleep

It’s morning and Ishita wakes up, Amma calls Ishita downstairs and Ishita goes,
Amma: Ishu, did you have a good sleep?
Ishita: Yes Amma
Amma: Ok go have breakfast and then get ready
Ishita: Why Amma?
Amma: because we are going to Santoshis house
Ishita jumped in excitement and ran upstairs, Amma shouted ‘have your breakfast’ but Ishita ignored her and went upstairs.

Bhalla House:
Toshi Ji: Oh Raman Putar, wake up and get dressed
Raman: Why Mummyji please let me sleep
Toshiji: oh okay then I will tell Ishita not to come
Raman opens his eyes wide and looks at Toshi ji, Toshi ji nods yes and a big smile came across his face and he got up and ran to the bathroom
Toshi ji: Careful Raman, and quickely
Toshi ji smiles and leaves

Raman and Ishita are finding things to give to each other, Raman couldn’t find anything so he makes her a bracelet and Ishita finds a ring and both in their heads say ‘I hope you like it’ Yeh hai Mohabbatein plays…..

Precap: Ishita comes to Ramans house and Raman feels her presence

Credit to: Halima


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