Yeh Hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 1


The episode begins with a girl running and kids are running behind her,
“Didi please give us our chocolates back”
“No they are mine” by saying that she runs and bangs into a boy and they both fall on to the floor
They share an eyelock and yeh hai mohabbatein plays…….

Amma:Ayyo Ishu, are you okay beta?
Ishita: yes Amma
Ishita gets up and hugs Amma
Toshi ji: oh Raman Putar are you okay, come get up.
Raman gets up

Both Ishita and Raman say sorry to each other and start laughing
Then Amma and Toshi ji start fighting
Amma: its been 2 years since i saw you Santoshi
Toshi: yes Mahdu, and how dare you leave me

After the fighting they hugged
Amma: Santoshi, this is my daughter Ishita(Ishu)
Toshi ji: She’s so beautiful and this is my son Raman
Amma: ohh so wonderful boy he is.

Ishita and Raman shake hands and introduce themselves, they start playing while Toshi and Madhu start talking.

Toshi ji: it’s been long time since I met you and now I’m leaving you again.
Amma: what do you mean Santoshi
Toshi: I meant that me and Ramans papa are shifting to Dehli and we are leaving tomorrow
Amma: Ayyo Santoshi, I never thought I will see you again and now your leaving me, what time are you leaving?
Toshi: I know even I don’t want to leave you but I have to and I’m leaving at 7:00pm
Amma: Oh okay, then I will come and meet you
Toshi: Okay, Raman come lets go, we need to start packing!

Raman looks at Ishita,
Raman: I’m leaving tomorrow
Ishita: where are you going?
Raman: Dehli
Ishita: Your leaving your best friend?
Raman: best friend?
Ishita: yeah, you and me are best friends
Raman: since when?
Ishita: Today
And both start laughing and they hug each other
Raman: Bye
Ishita: Bye
And Raman leaves with Toshi ji while Ishita leaves with Madhu
Both look back and smile at each other.

Precap: Ishita comes to Ramans house and gets pushed by Simmi.

(So…… How do you like my story? If you think it’s good the please leave the comments below and by the way this is when Raman and Ishita are small, Ramans 8 years old and Ishitas 7 years old and Simmi is 4 years old and I hope you like my story)?

Credit to: Halima

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  6. Abdul H tayyab

    Beautiful story its splendid please update regular your story is good I like it

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  9. Thank you all of you for the wonderful comments and I will make more interesting and won’t disappoint you and make it lenghty ??

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  11. Wonderfull:-P waiting for the next part:-/

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