Yeh hai Mohabbatein (A love journey) Episode 5


( Sorry for the mistake, but it was my fault, I forgot to write the title properly and my other episode (Yeh hai Mohabbatein FF 1) is given another name but it’s a episode from this, there was a mistake….SORRY????)

The episode starts with Romi running as soon as Vandita opens the door.
Vandita: Ishu, now you come?
Ishita: Sorry Akka, I was settling everything in
Vandita: Will you stand at the door or come in?
Ishita laugh: Akka, you didn’t ask before
Ishita and Vandita go in, Vandita looks at Ishita
Ishita: Wow, Akka your house looks amazing,
Vandita: Bala decorated it, don’t get too happy
Ishita: No wonder it looks amazing after all it’s Bala Jeju’s choice
Vandita: I know and I’m his choice too
Ishita: That’s what went wrong!
Ishita starts laughing and Vandita looks angry
Vandita: Amma, tell Ishu na?!!
Amma: Ishu!
Ishita walks toward Appa and sits down next to him,
Appa: So did he drop you?
Ishita: Yes Appa and that too safely like he promised!
Appa: He must be a nice boy that sticks with his promises.
Vandita: Who are you talking about?
Appa was about to tell but Ishita says: Why shall we tell you, it’s between me and Appa!
Vandita: I didn’t ask you Ishu, I asked Appa
Amma from the kitchen: Ishu, stop troubling Vandu!
Ishita silently nods, Vandu looks at Appa
Appa: What was wis his name again……Ar….
Ishita: Armansh
Vandita gets shocked and says did Armansh drop you?
Ishita nods yes and Vandita gets angry and says: Give me their address and take me to them now!

Ishita looks on shocked,
Amma: Ayyo Vandu, stop getting angry and stop shouting it’s not good for your condition!
Vandita calms down and drinks water, she then looks at Ishita and then at Appa, she then goes to the dinner table and sits down
Ishita: Akka, why is Romi and Arshman scared of you?
Vandita gets angry and looks at Ishita
Vandita: They are so….so.. Forget this but do they live here?
Ishita: Yes Akka, they live in the same building
Vandita: This means they know where I live, but how?
Vandita starts thinking and Bala comes in, She then angrily says: Bala
Bala: What happened Vandu?
Vandita: Romi, Armansh, Riha and Simran live in the same building right?
Bala looks at Ishita and Ishita nods no but Vandu sees her
Vandita: Bala
Bala: Yes Vandu, they live in the same building but I don’t know where!
Vandita: How do they know I live here?
Bala looks down and Vandita lets out a sight
Vandita: Bala! No wonder they gave me bouquet, look it’s on the table, just because I’m not in college, they want to woo me by coming to my house and sending these gifts!
Bala: They moved in 4 months ago
Vandita: And your telling me now?
Bala: Vandu, they’re just children
Vandita: Not children but teens.

Ishita: Akka, what happened? And Bala Jeju’s right
Vandita: Bala Jeju’s chamchi(pet) come with me I’ll show you even tough I’m not meant to but come.
Bala,Vandita and Ishita go to Vandita’s room, Vandita opens the drawer and takes out a file.
Vandita: Look Ishu, your so called children
Ishita takes the file but before opening she asks:
Akka, Jeju what is this about?
Bala: Well you know Vandu is a principle and teacher in a college
Ishita nods yes
Vandita: They go to the same college
Ishita looks shocked and start laughing,
Ishita: Poor them, no wonder they are like this!
Vandita looks at Ishita and asks her to open the file, Ishita opens the file and sees Armansh picture and details first and then Romis on the second page, she gets shocked and says: No, they looks so decent
Vandita: Don’t go on their looks, not every time looks describe their character,
Ishita: I still don’t believe this
Vandita: This is the reason why I’m mad at them!
Bala: Okay now you know Ishu and please don’t tell anyone, it’s a secret.
Ishita: You could trust me Jeju
Ishita smiles and Vandita nods her head and let’s out a sigh
Vandita: There older brother is nice and so focusing, he got a degree and he is the most recent topper in the whole college history, what was his name again?
Bala was about to tell but Amma shouts: Vandu, Ishu, Bala come dinner is ready
And they were about to leave when Bala say: Ishu, the file!
Ishita looks back and taps her head and says: Sorry Jeju, I forgot, you go I’m coming
Ishita puts the file and was about to leave when she sees the paper on the floor, she picks it up and opens it, she gets shocked.
Ishita: Raman?

She reads Ramans name on the paper and Tears drop down her eyes, she reads his full name as Raman Bhalla, she looks on the top and doesn’t see his picture she puts the paper back in to the drawer, she wipes her tears and goes downstairs.
While walking she thinks how to find Raman and more importantly how does he look, she clashes into Appa
Ishita: Sorry Appa, I wasn’t looking
Appa: a Its okay Ishu, I was going to see the room
Ishita: Appa, why can’t we go to ours?
Appa: I would’ve but then Vandu will feel bad
Ishita: Appa have you ate?
Appa: I finished my dinner that’s why Vandu sent me or you know her
Ishita: True Appa
Appa smiles and goes and Ishita too goes

Ishita reaches the dining table, she sits down and after two minutes she notices Suhana,
Ishita: Suhanaaaa!!!!!
She gets happy and hugs her
Suhana: Chitti, your squeezing me, Amma I told you I don’t want to sit here
Ishita: Mean, you don’t want to sit next to your Chitti?
Suhana: If you do this then NO!
Everyone start laughing and so does Ishita
Suhana smiles, she then says: See Shravu, Chitti missed me the most
Shravan looks on annoyed, he says: I don’t care!
Ishita: I missed all of you!
They finish eating, everyone look at Vandita and she looks up, she checks everyone’s plate
Vandita: Yes
Everyone smile and get up,
Suhana: Yay finally,
Vandita: Wait, at least put your plates away
Everyone pick up their plates and put them in the sink

Vandita never lets anyone go without eating because she thinks it’s a waste of food and if you don’t want to eat then don’t come at the dinner table. And if your hungry she’s not going to cook for you at anytime so when the food is there eat it.

Ishita: Akka, where is everyone going to sleep?
Vandita: Amma and Appa are going to sleep in a room and Bala will sleep with one of the kids and you can sleep with me or in the other room.
Ishita: I’ll sleep with you Akka but Bala Jeju will mind
Bala: I don’t mind Ishu, you can sleep with Vandu.
Ishita smiles and the door bell rings, Bala goes to open it, Bala talks with the person and shuts the door, he goes back to Vandita and Ishita
Vandita: Who was it Bala?
Bala: I don’t know
Vandita: What is this?
Bala: I don’t know, Armansh and Romi sent it!
Vandita: Now what did they send?
Ishita: Open it up Jeju
Bala opens it and finds a cake in a box with a note.
Vandita: Read the note
Bala: This note says; For our Wonderful Vandita Ma’am and Bala Sir, hope you enjoy the cake.
Ishita and Bala start laughing, Vandita too starts laughing after looking at the cake.
Vandita: The cake looks nice so I will eat it. But the note is not too convincing, if they start studying and pass 1 test then I will accept everything properly and you know how I am at the matter of food?
Bala and Ishita nod and smile at each other.

Precap: Ishita has the same dream again, this time she sees a new face.

Credit to: Halima

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