Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 8)


(Ishita’s Office)
Sitting in her office Ishita was sleepy and couldn’t wait to go home.
She still couldn’t believe what happened last night……….
She shyly slipped the fabric of her kameez away
Looking at the trail of love bites he left on her shoulder and the nape of her neck it made her blush
The evidence of last night’s passion.
Her mind began to wonder off…………………

You should be kissed, he said in his husky voice.
As he touched her face, he was astounded by her beauty.
His warm breath in her neck making her tingle all over.
His sensual touches that send shivers down her spine as he teased her.
His kisses indicated a hunger in him; this wasn’t the same as the peck he gave her a few minutes ago.
It was different; it was like he was communicating his desires, his lust and his primal urges.
The message was loud and very clear.
He wanted her ……………

He let his hands wonder over her exploring her.
Her body …………….
Raman gently caressed her legs slowly moving up…………
Seductively squeezing her thigh
Biting her inner thigh every now and then.
Making her arch her back in ecstasy.
She was in total euphoria
Her body trembling when making contact with his.

He needed to feed desire.
He liked the way her body responded to him which only made him want her even more.
His soft lips planting kisses all over………..
Starting soft and slow he wanted to kiss every inch of her.
He marked her body with love bite, showing her that she was his.
Her neck…. nipping her, she led out an audible moan.
Lingering kisses on her back……….
Her waist……silky and soft

(Raman’s office)

Raman couldn’t wait to go home today….
He needed more …….
He was glad that she didn’t resist him and felt the same.
He was somewhat surprised by Ishita.
She was not as innocent as she looks……he thought with a mischievous smile on his face.
Flash back
She straddled him in the superior position, and using her fingertips in little circles on his temples, around his eyes and along his jawbone.
Placing soft kisses on each place she touched.
Gently working her way down her fingertips went over his chest……………..
To his belly just below his navel and the sides of his chest tracing patterns on his skin.
And when he tried to get up she pushed him back down and whispered, “All you have to do is lie down”
Her mere touch aroused him.
She gentle nuzzled his neck and bit his ear.
That was his weak spot his ears
This ears…..
It gave him goose bumps and awaken the animal in him…….
He was eager to speed things up as he was unable to control himself anymore.
When she began to move and grind a little on him that tipped him over the edge.
He almost ripped off her underwear.
Raman she gasped.
He almost forgot that this was most probably her first and he should be gentler as he saw her lying there as a delicate flower.

His thoughts was disturbed by a cheerful Mihir popping his head in the door, listen Raman don’t forget to bring Mamiji’s present from Kakads Store .I have a meeting and can’t make it in time.Mihir said.
A love struck Raman totally forgot that it was Mamiji’s birthday today.
No wonder she gave me a look when I left this morning he thought.
Sure thing, Mihir
No problem, Raman replied.
I need to buy her something as well, he said pushing himself off the chair.
He grabbed his jacket, laptop bag and went directly to Kakad’s Store.
He had already decided on some gold bangles while driving.
He just needed to find some that will match the necklace his dad had ordered, with some assistance from the clerks in the store that made for an easy task.

Nothing for your wife, Mr Kakad asked.
I might as well he answered and decided on an anklets and a diamond ring.
He wanted to give her the ring as a symbol of their marriage going to a new level and the anklets as her like it when she wore them.
Please wrap the anklets and the ring separately.

(Bhalla House)

Everyone was getting the house ready, Ishita even baked a cake.
She went inside to freshen up and laid a few sarees on the bed to choose from.
She already got Ruhi dressed and she was now playing somewhere.
A dress shirt and jeans she picked for Raman as she wanted them to match in colours.

Raman entered the room with Ishita busy with selecting jewellery and shoes, she didn’t she him only when the door closed she looked up.
Hi Raman, she said shyly failing to look him in the eye.
He walked towards her and wrapped his arms around her planting a kiss on her lips.
Hi Ishita, he mumbled between kisses.

Raman we need to get ready …she said wiggling her way out of his hug.
I have something for you he said making her turn around.
He gave her his gift…….the first gift that he chose on his own and without pressure from Ruhi.

Wow, Raman the ring is beautiful she exclaimed. He took the ring and placed in on her left hands ring finger.
Now go get ready he said, I use the bathroom inside he said and quickly got himself ready.
When she returned from the bathroom he waited for her on the bed.
I have one more gift, he declared.
He motioned her to sit on the bed and knelt on the floor placing her one foot on his thigh
He expertly placed the anklets on her caressing her ankle and placing a kiss on both her foot. He repeated the same ritual with the other foot.
Now you are ready he stated.
She swiftly put on some sandals and blushingly rushed out the door. Raman followed after her and they moved to opposed sides of the room.
Ishita started attending to the guests and welcomed them as they entered the house.
Every so often they would momentary look at each other and look away.

When Ishita went to get some juice he swiftly moved towards her and whispered in her ear, “do you like my gift”. He knew they hidden from the party and hugged her from behind.
Raman, people will see she resisted. Ok! Ok! He said
You will have to make up for it later he groaned giving her one last hug and going over to Bala and Mihir.

Everyone wished Toshi a “happy birthday”, including Raman.
He gave her his gift and just like that all was forgiven.
The cake was cut and the party started.

Later on the party died down and people started to leave.
Raman send them off while Ishita cleaned up in the kitchen.

The living room was now empty and they retreated to their room.
He smiled wickedly giving her a look and she just blushed.

Credit to: Monique

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