Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 5)


In the Mall

Papa! Papa! Papa!
Little Ruhi tugged on his shirt come have a look here, she said pulling him to a nearby store.

Ishita was in her own world after she remembered last night.
She had almost forgotten what happened last night.
Her memory was fuzzy and she only partially remembered some details of the night before.

“Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di” was heard in the far background as they moved further into the mall.

Both Raman and Ishita were now very self-conscious and nervous around each other.
Both wondering what the other knew ….
About last night.
Whilst window shopping a shriek filled the air,

Raman!Raman! A female voice came from an ice cream store.
This quickly got Ishita’s attention.
Who is this woman talking to him, she thought while assisting Ruhi in buying a present for her grandparents.
Raman smilingly walked over to the very beautiful lady dressed in western wear and gave her a hug.
A very irritated Ishita just looked on from afar in disgust ans she saw the pair laughing and enjoying the conversation.
Raman and his college friend Suhani were catching up, reminiscing about old time.
She was married and lived in England .She had 3 kids and came over for a family wedding.
Ishita’s eyes never left their sight ,she saw Suhani playfully touching Raman’s arm ,this made her feel a little jealous.

What has come over me, she thought.
Who is she and why are they so familiar with each other?
They greeted and parted ways.
Raman came to Ruhi and Ishita with an ice cream in both hands giving them each one.

Let’s go home he said taking the bags from Ishita’s hands and proceeded to exit the mall.
Reaching home neither one talked to each other.
Ruhi went to change as per Ishita’s instructions and went to put all the bags away.

Raman made his way to the bathroom to freshen up and Ishita assisted Toshiji in the kitchen.
Look Ishita Toshi said,I have prepared dinner .We have already eaten and we are going out.
Simi has booked tickets for a movie, she said.
Ishita look at her mother in-law quizzical.
Its Wednesday Ishita!
You know we have a movie night on Wednesdays.
Toshi stated.

Make sure that Raman eat his dinner, he is over work and don’t eat properly she said
Her phone rang and she abruptly stopped walking and said I’m coming; I’m coming and walked out.

Raman just came out of the shower and was looking of some casual wear as he received a text from Pathak inviting him for a drink after work.
He quickly changed into some jeans and a shirt and made his way to the door.

Where are you going she asked?
Out. He said.
She was about to ask him about dinner when he just walked out leaving her standing in awe of his blatant disregard for her feelings.

Mihika waltzed in
Akka listen Ruhi just ate and we are going to Vandu’s as she wanted to play with Shravan, she said.
Hope its ok,she questioned.
Its fine Mihika .She said

Home alone she said.
Better make the most of it and enjoy the “me time” Ishita .She thought.
She went to the gate closed it as everyone has a key to the gate. Closed the door but didn’t lock it.

Raman and Ishita ‘s Room

She walked to her room and closed the door it didn’t close properly and it was left ajar.
In her room selected something to wear and went to the shower to wash away the stress of the day.
She came out of the bathroom feeling invigorated and refreshed.

She took her phone and put her earphones in and decided relax and listen to her playlist.
She used to do this each day when she got home at Amma’s and decided to give it a try here as nobody was home.
As she was about to dress as she was still in one of her favorite lacy underwear sets when her song came on…………………………………

Tere naal naal sajna ve
Mera dil dhadke, Mera dil dhadke

The track started playing and she was lost in her own world ………………
A danced slow and sensual moving her sultry body she looked beautiful, s*xy even he thought.

Habibi, Aashiqui, Hayati, Naseebi
Habibi, Aashiqui..

She seductively swayed her hips to the beat of the track, shaking her ass a little bit.

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke

Almost provoking him, keep calm Raman
He thought.

Ye jo bangle hai re laal colour ki
Tere liye hi khan-khan kar ke
In haathon mein naache jaaye re
Inhein nasha chadha hai tera
Tu ban ja aashiq mera
Tune chhua hai aise
Main kamli…

Suggestively touching herself……………………. as she felt the music.

Flipping her hair from side to side to match the move Deepika made in “Happy New Year”
Eyes closed as to take in the full experience of the song

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke, naam tera padh ke

She had a mischievous grin on her face.
Winking at herself in the mirror….

pa-pa-paaya ankhaan ‘ch kaajal
Mainu vekh ke ho gi o paagal
Photo khench autograph set
Instagram pe like kari jaave pic haaye
Haaye ni kudiye kardi tu hadd
Mitraan da pichhaa please de chhad
Listen girl tu hogi kamli
Kehndi meri jehi hor na…

She made faces while trying to rap but failing miserably ….
Making hand gestures while rapping to her hearts content.
He chuckled as the sight was both turning him on and making him laugh.

Poora intezaam hai
Ye jo shaam hai
Kal subah tak tere naam hai
Aankhon se dil ye batlaaye re
Kal na hogi ye raatein
Kar le dil ki do baatein
Ik teri hi khaatir main pagli ho gayiaan

Teasingly biting her lower lip surrendering her body to the music…
Her legs just keep on going……so smooth ….so touchable….so tempting

Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke
Main lovely ho gayiaan
Naam tera padh ke naam tera..

She dipped her body while a sensually sing the track that always gave her a high.
Ishita needed this it made her forget all about her problems…..

Raman was thoroughly enjoying himself
He came back after Pathak had a urgent call from home and left, no use drinking alone he thought and came straight home.
He was spying on his wife and was a little surprised by Ishita.
He knew she loved to dance
He always thought all she knew was Bharatanatyam
Today confirmed his suspicions of last night, that there is more to Ishita then meets the eye.
Her body was calling him…….

But the moment she started with the next song he lost it

Zara Zara
Touch Me
Touch Me
Touch Me

She was doing this little dance routine

Oooo Ooo Ooo

It got him so excited
She like item numbers? He thought.

Now it’s just me and you he said and he had to stop this dancing before he was unable to resist.

He slowly retreated to the hall and shouted
Ishita !
Where are you?
Anyone home?

She took one earphone plug out …

She turned and saw the door opened and
She scrambled across the room quickly to close the door and bolt it.
She dashed putting on her clothes ….
I’m coming she yelled.

He could barely contain himself as he had to stifle his laughter……
In walked Ishita dress in light blue top and white leggings.
She looked flush and was busy plaiting her hair.

Your back she asked out of breath.
Yes……he answered.
Let’s eat she said and off she walked to the kitchen.
After dinner Raman retired to their room.

While she did the dishes the Bhalla’s all arrived talking all at once of the movie they had just watched. Ruhi fell asleep at Vandita’s and Mihika brought a sleeping Ruhi to her.
Thanks Mihika she mouthed.

Mihika closed the closed and Ishita made her way to their room.
She laid Ruhi next to Raman who was busy on his phone.
He looked up acknowledging her and continued with whatever he was doing on his phone.
Ishita climbed in bed tired of a day
Wishing it never repeated.

Credit to: Monique

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