Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 4)



Knock! Knock!
Wake up!
It’s late!
Toshi yelled from the door.
Toshi went in to her room to get Ruhi ready for school.

Raman and Ishita’s Room
The warm sun tickled her face she woke up that Wednesday morning.
Ishita’s eyes opened in shock.
I’m late! She thought and reached over for her phone on the night stand.
07:30 the screen on her phone showed.
As she rubbed her eyes lazily and tried to get up.

There was an arm around her cuddling her moving closer …..
That unmistakable smell of his cologne confirmed her suspicions.
Raman……she gasped.

He pulled her in closer and whispered ….
“You feel so good”
What! She thought.
His hand gently touched her skin and he leaned in closer smelling her hair.
The mere touch of his hands send shivers down her spine…….
She could barely contain herself……….it feels so good …..
But this is wrong she thought.
She felt so safe in his arms, like this is the way that it should be.
He shifted himself…..
And she could feel him against her back ……
No, she thought, this can’t be ….Raman?

He was enjoying the dream he had ……..
He was about to make love to his wife …….this dream seemed unreal better that the other ones he had.
He felt someone moved next to him.
He slowly opened his eyes.
Hair tickled his face as he moved it from his face; she turned and looked over her shoulder.

Their eyes locked.
Both of them moved like lighting away from each other.
She was blushing from the intimacy they just shared
Now in shock they saw the state they were in he grabbed the cover that was at their feet.
Trying to hide his embarrassment after his morning cuddle.

Hope she doesn’t see my in his state, he thought.
Ishita bolted from the bed heading towards the bathroom.
Trying to hold on to the pleats that has come loose from the sari and catching the pallu to cover her blouse covered chest she made her way inside closing the door behind her.
What just happened? She questioned herself in the mirror.
Did we sleep together?
Did we just cuddle?
She washed her face as to wake her up from a dream.
Her head was throbbing she rubbed her head asking herself, Ishita what’s wrong with you.

He was sitting in bed shell shocked at what just happed,
Did we just cuddle?
Last thing he remembered was carrying her to bed and laying her down.
He had a killer headache …….ohhhhhhh he grimaced.

He got out of bed and went into the kitchen and asked Neelu to prepare some lime juice to help ease the hangover he had.
If I have a hangover, he thought, Ishita must feel even worse after last night.
Why did she drink?
I have never seen her behave like that………but she looked so happy he thought.
He exhaled as he took the glass from Neelu.
He took one sip and asked Neelu another glass
Neelu looked at him inquisitively as if to ask why he needed another glass.
He just retorted, Do what I asked.
She wiped the glass and gave it to him.
He left his glass on the counter, Thanks he said and walked off into the bedroom closing the door behind him.

Ishita already came in to fetch her clothes and returned to the bathroom to freshen up.
She knew his was going to be super awkward today.
She could still feel his hand on her stomach caressing her.
His warm breath against her neck making the hair at the back of her neck stand up……….
She readied herself and went into the bedroom finding a relaxed Raman on the phone with Mihir.
He stood on the balcony with his back to her she crept passed him and hurriedly took her bag and left.

As he turns, he saw her from the corner of his eye closing the door.
The scent of Jasmine was thick in the air and the memories of last came flooding back to him.
He went after her but when he reached the door she closed the front door.

Hello, Raman!
Mahir’s voice came from his phone.
Oh crap, he almost forgot he have been on the phone.
Yes Mahir I will be at the Meeting at 10.
Don’t worry just make sure your presentation is good, he said.
Tell my PA to cancel all my appointments after that.
He went to the bathroom and took a long shower.

As he got ready a bubbly Ruhi came in running.
Morning Papa!
Morning princess, he answered picking her up and giving her a kiss.
Where is Ishima? She asked.
She had to rush to work this morning, he lied.
Ruhi,Mr Bhalla called.
We will be late.
Bye Papa, she said waving and skipped out the door
Bye Ruhi.

Ishita reached work and took a few tablets for the throbbing headache.
She luckily didn’t have a full day today and would be done by two.
I think I will take Ruhi to the mall and spend some time with her she though.

Whilst attending to her little patient.
Almost done she said.
Finishing off the last bit of work she had to do.
See it wasn’t so bad.
She helped the little boy out of the chair and he walked off with his mom.

She quickly phone home.
It’s me, Ishita I will pick Ruhi after school.
Ok Ishita, Toshi replied.
Ok bye see later she said but Toshi had already hang up the phone.
And all she heard was BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP!
How rude, Ishita said.
She knew her mother in law didn’t like her.
Ruhi used to do everything with Toshi, now Ruhi just wanted to be with Ishita.

Ishita finished work and got a taxi to fetch Ruhi from school.
She got out paid the driver and walked over to the school.
She waited under trees for Ruhi at the spot they normally picked her up.

She saw Ruhi running over to her and she began to walk to Ruhi.
Raman also decided that he will fetch Ruhi from work.
He hurriedly parked the car as he saw the children running out of the gate.
He proceeded to walk over to the trees when he spotted Ruhi in her uniform.

They both reached Ruhi at the same time but didn’t notice it until
I’m so lucky Ishima and Papa are both here to fetch me.
Their heads turn simultaneously.
Both just staring at each other, no words were exchanged between them but their eyes spoke volumes.

I wanted to take her to the mall Ishita said.
I will grab a taxi.
I will drop you there is fine, he replied.
Ruhi grabbed both of their hand and they walked to the car.

Raman made his way to the driver side and Ishita opened the door for Ruhi at the back.
I want to sit in front with Papa! Ruhi exclaimed.
Can I Please Ishima, Please!
Only if it’s ok with your papa, she said looking at him.
My princess can sit wherever she wants, he said.
Ishita buckled Ruhi in the front seat and just gave him a “hope you die look”.
She got in the seat just behind Ruhi and closed the door.

Ruhi automatically turned the radio on radio mirchi took her tablet out of her bag and statred to play some games.
MEETHI MIRCH with JASSI came across the radio and now it’s time for one of the classics.
Ajeeb Daastaan Hai Yeh
Kahan Shuru Kahan Khatam
Yeh Manzile Hai Kaunsi
Na Voh Samajh Sake Na Hum
Their eyes met in the rearview mirror.
Yeh Roshni Ke Saath Kyoon
Dhuaan Utha Chiraag Se
Yeh Khwaab Dekhti Hoon Main
Ke Jag Padi Hoon Khwaab Se
In what seems to be forever just staring at each other not saying a word.
Raman was the first to come out of the daze as the sound of hooters brought him to reality.
He indicated a turn and drove to the parking area at the mall.
We are here he declared.
To the two passengers that was engrossed in their tablets.
Finally Ishita said.
Come Ruhi lets go, she said opening her door.
Papa is you coming with? Ruhi asked innocently looking at Raman
Please I want to show you something.
Obviously she said silently mouthing an “I’m sorry” to an irritated Raman.
They went to the mall with a blabbering Ruhi talking excitingly talking about her day.

Credit to: Monique

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