Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 2)

She made her way to work, and started her day.
It seems to drag a little and she was starting to feel the toll of getting up so early.

Finally lunch time came and she had a little time to rest as she was in between patients.
Her back was killing her and she was really hungry.
Luckily she asked Sarika to order something to eat for her.
She was just about to start when to eat …………. Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
Not now!
She looked at her phone and thinking it was Mihikha that usually chats with her during her lunch break.
But it was Raman.
Work function tonight. Be ready at 8.
And dress appropriate.
She quickly responded.

I will be working late. Where is the venue?
I will get you there.
And I always dress appropriately

Who does he think he is…….she thought..
Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep!
Hyatt Regency

She put her phone down and started gobbling down her food as she knew today she didn’t have a lot of time to enjoy the delicious food Sarika ordered.

Her day was slowly getting to the end and she remembered.
Raman’s Work function……
I so not in the mood for dressing up….smiling to stranger and putting up the “Happily Married” couple image.

She rushed home .

Beep! Beep!

I will send a car to get you .

Everyone was gone to watch a movie ….
She went straight to the cupboard …
What to wear…..what to wear she thought….
No wait blue…yes she said aloud.
She took out her beautiful lace sari with georgette border and low cut blouse ….this will have to do, she said to herself
Hope this will look fine ….as she hurriedly made her way to the en- suite to freshen up.
Finally done she walked out.
She took a little time admiring herself in the mirror.
Looking like a goddess she quickly finished doing her hair.
Her jet black hair elegantly moved to her right side with long locks flowing down her shoulder.

Beep! Beep!
Where are you? Car is outside waiting for you..

On my way down.

Beep! Beep!

She got in the car and stared out of the window lost in her thoughts.
How her life change …….in the past months….but she knew that having Ruhi made it all with while.

The car stopped and the driver came to open the door. Assisting her out.
She exited the door and made her way to the entrance of the Hyatt Regency .

As she came near she saw him dashing as ever in a black slim fit suit hugging his form perfectly.
His beard trimmed hair washed and slicked back.

He seems to be in own world and detached from reality and didn’t notice her.
Only when she said, I’m here…

He turned to her and was taken aback by her looks.
I see you clean up well, he said arrogantly.
She gave him a “Go to hell” look and he knew not to taunt her further.
The took her hand and escorted her inside.

As they made their way inside they were introduced to so many people.
Everyone had so much to say….

When did you guys get married?
You have a beautiful wife.
You guys make the cutest couple.

After a while the onslaught of people subsided and they finally had a little time alone.

Can I get you anything from the bar? He asked.
Juice ……Just a juice, thanks. She answered still taking in the splendour of the banquet hall.

He came back with a whiskey on the rock for him and her juice.

Thanks she said as he handed her the juice.

He took one sip and asked ,how was your day?

Busy thanks, and yours? She answered.
Meetings after Meeting after Meeting he said letting out a sigh of relief that the busy day had ended.

You look beautiful, Ishita he said.

A bit taken by surprize by his statement she let out a, thanks, almost unsure to answer.

Was this the same guy who just insulted me when I got here? She thought to herself looking at him.

Can you excuse me Mr Bhalla, said one of his business acquaintances, I need to introduce you to Mr Oberoi.
He swiftly took Raman across the room to a group of men.

She went to the buffet to get something to eat as she was famished
And refilled her juice at the bar.
Barman unknowingly gave her vodka and juice as she looked around to see where Raman was.
She had taken a seat at the table allocated to his company.

He occasionally glanced over to check if she was ok and she assured him with a nod.

The food was very spicy and she gulped down the juice …..

After what seem to be an hour they started playing some music ……finally he was excused and returned to the table.

What he found was his wife dancing……..
Sona Sone Pattole Lakkhaa
Sona Sone Pattole Yeah………..

In her in her own world
Dancing without a care

Ae Takdiyaa Rehndiyaan Ankhaan
Ae Takdiyaa Rehndiyaan

She looked like she had no knowledge of people around her…
Main Ki Dasaan Apni Ve
Ae Chann Karda Hai Tarifaa

Are you ok? Ishita he asked.

Ho Mere Husnn De Kone..
Kone Kone Di
Ho Kone Kone Di

I’m fine she replied
Dance with me Raman

Ho Baby Doll Main Sone Di

You don’t look fine dancing here alone……
Are you mad Ishita! ………..look everyone is looking at you!
He said
The men we looking at her…..
Their eyes wandering all over her almost undressing her………..

She sensually swayed with the music ……moving her hips to the beat.
She was his ….His alone…..

He forcefully grabbed her arm and took her aside


ye duniya, ye duniya pittal di
ye duniya pittal di..
Ho babydoll main sone di..

Why is everything spinning?she said while holding her arm and rubbing it as to relieve the pain.

We are going home now, he ordered.

Ok,You are no fun!
She said looking at him with a puppy dog face.

He excused himself and left.
Only to return moments later……
Ishita the car is in front, he said.
Let’s go.
He took her hand and the proceeded to leave the Hotel.

Yes she was drunk…………….

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