Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 18)


With a heavy heart Ishita got in the car on her way to the airport. Wiping away the tears she looked out of the window leaving a crying Ruhi behind.
Three days…..
Only three days she tried to console herself as she knew leaving Ruhi and Raman was one of the most difficult things she has done in a long time.

After that night that she danced for Raman she got a little more comfortable and open to him.
Her cheeks flushed as memories of that night engulfed her thoughts.
She like it when he was assertive staking his claim on her and ordering her to do certain things to him….she liked that…

Raman tried his utmost best to console Ruhi as she didn’t understand why she couldn’t go with her Ishima. She only stopped when he bribed her with some ice cream.

How am I going to cope with her not here…he thought.
Its only three days, Raman he tried to convince himself that Ruhi will be able to sleep through the night.

The 2 hour 10 minute flight was quite pleasant as she had time to go through the itinerary for the 3 days.
As soon as she landed and turned her phone on she was swamped with sms’s .

I miss you,Ishita.
(Ishita) Beep!!
It only until Thursday Raman, I’ll be back before you know.
(Ishita) Beep!!
I have arrived at the Pipal Tree Hotel so I can’t text, texted back as she walked in.
We are starting at 10 and I still have to put my bags away. I will phone you tonight.

She was spellbound as this convention had all the latest in Dental equipment .There was also a few guest speakers on certain cutting edge technology improvement that she was asked to particularly attend.

Although she didn’t like staying away from home she was in her element with people that shared the same passion for dentistry as she.

Walking around making notes of certain products and networking with various reps was tiring.
She decided to get something to eat at the buffet as the lines began to queue.

Ishita met one of her college friends and they started to catch up while standing in line.

Have you seen Subhu? Shruti asked.
I saw him when I arrived she stated.

Well no I haven’t Ishita replied.
It was their turn to go as they reached the front of the line
I will see you around, Ishita said and they parted ways.

Finally the day was over and all Ishita wanted to do is get in bed.
She entered her room and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. She decided to order something from the hotel.

There was a knock at the door and she walked to the door eagerly awaiting her order. She opened the door and moved to the bed where her bag was to pay.
As she turned around she was shocked to see Subhu standing there…
Hello Ishita he said….
Subhu what are you doing here, she asked.
As a knock came at the door and she walked over to the door.

Her room phone rang and Subhu answered the phone as she was busy looking for some change in her bag.

Hello Ishita, Raman eagerly greeted her.
To he’s shock the voice he heard was not hers. It was a man’s voice.
Who was he and why was he answering the phone?
Subhu tried to answer but Ishita’s phone’s battery died.

Ishita walked over to Subhu to inquire who phoned….
Why did you answer my phone she said angrily.

Please go away Subhu, why did you come here.
He was still trying to explain why he had come ….with various reasons.
Well I have no need for your reasons…I don’t care.
I’m happy now; please don’t complicate my life any further.
Subhu reluctantly turned around and walked out. Ishita closed the door behind him.

And just like that he spoiled her mood.
She went to her phone to make call and she noted that her battery died .She quickly plugged it into the charger and sat down to enjoy her meal.

Raman was furious on other line…….
Who was this man?
And why was he in her room?

After the meal Ishita remembered that she hasn’t phoned Raman yet.
She keenly dialled his number as she couldn’t wait hear his voice……

This is strange she said….why isn’t he taking my call.
She tried again call again this time his phone was off.

Raman was so upset he sided go to phone Neel and go out.

So Ishita decided to send him a message …
Hi Raman ….
I miss you…
She eagerly described her day .

She decided to go to bed as the tiredness just came over her.

Raman came home totally drunk .In his intoxicated state he turned his phone and decided to call Ishita.
It was just after two that Ishita were abruptly woken up by her phone .
She rubbed her eyes and as she looked at phone’s caller ID.

Raman she said surprised .
Hi Raman, she answered the phone .
Who was that in your room earlier!
Why was he in your room so late.
She could hear from his tone that he WS really drunk.

What he said next caught her of guard.
You wanted some private time with your lover…….

So….that is the reason you wanted to go to Kolkata.
If I finds him I’m going to kill him. You are mine and mine alone.

Raman I can explain she started …..
I don’t want to hear anything …he replied.
You are just like her .

Raman !Raman! She tried to explain but all she heard was the dial tone.
He hang up. She was deeply hurt by his statement.
She struggled to fall asleep as her mind worked overtime. Why did Subhu come here?

That night she cried herself to sleep……..As she struggled to make sense of what just happened.

Credit to: Monique

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