Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 17)


To say that the night was eventful was an understatement…the hall was abuzz with the sensual dance Raman and Ishita shared……

Raman I can’t take it anymore …everyone keeps on teasing me .Why did you have to kiss me? Ishita irritably said.

I have spoken to them and it will blow over…Raman pacified her.

She placed a kiss on his cheek and left for work…with Raman still lying in bed.

She was swamped today and Dr Batra also informed her of a convention she had to attend in his place in Kolkata.

She was excited as she wanted to learn more about Velscope as it’s a new form of technology is effectively used to detect early forms of cancer or disease during an oral cancer screening.

Oh snap!

It’s for 3 days……Will Raman let me go? Well I hope so… I don’t complain when he has to go somewhere she debated with herself. She was a little apprehensive as she knew Raman not allow her to go.

At home Ishita was pretty tired it felt like today was crying children day at the center…..she just wanted to relax and unwind.

After dinner she went to get ready for bed, she was visibly tired and Toshi gave her daughter in law a night of household duties.

Raman walked in the room and just crashed on the bed with a sigh. He too was really tired as he had back to back meetings.

When Ishita came out of the bathroom her hair was still in a loose bun.

Raman was busy checking something on his phone …should I ask him he looks busy she said to herself.

Ask me what? Raman inquired.

Well I have been asked to go to a dental convention in Kolkata for 3 days.I just wanted to know if I can go…….

Yes…of course you can go Raman replied.

Ishita was very relieved as she didn’t know what she was going to tell Dr Batra if he had said no.

But …he continued.

His voice was low with a hint of mischief in it.

You first have to do something for me he stated….

Like what ?she asked….


He stood up walking towards her; he folded his hands together and rubbed them against each other.

His eyes had that look that she in them…..

You would have to dance for me, he declared……

But Raman. She protested

No buts Ishita…..take it or leave it.

He said his voice confirmed that this wasn’t a joke.

OK…she sighed.

Bharatanatyam she thought ….

And no he Bharatanatyam he said in a firm and assertive.

What is he reading my mind she thought, her face showed the confusion that was plaguing her.

He came closer and whispered something in her ear ad placing a kiss on her cheek.

Her eyes went wide eyed and she was in a state of shock.

I can’t she exclaimed….

I know all about your dancing skills, Madrasan he stated.


She was starting to deny the fact that she danced anything other than classical dance when Raman interrupted her.

So you don’t dance to item number every Wednesday he questioned.

She felt embarrassed and walked to the window…..

Raman I can explain she began……looking up to the sky searching for the right words to explain her love for anything other than Bharatanatyam.

No need to explain Ishita, I like it when you dance like that you look so free.

After a good 15 minutes of mentally motivating herself she finally pluck up the courage to do what Raman asked.

Raman went over to her phone.

Scrolling to the music player he selected a suitable track…..and pulled her vanity chair to the end of their bed.

The music started and she began to move, her moved was stiff as she was very aware of her surroundings and Raman’s roaming eyes.

The music started and she began to move, her moved was stiff as she was very aware of her surroundings and Raman’s roaming eyes.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

She then closed her eyes as she didn’t want to see his eyes……that eyes that could see in the deepest part of her soul.

sone ka paani chadhaa ke piya
hui gori jawaani

Listening to the beat and she start moving in time to it, allowing your body’s own reactions to be the guide.

resham se mere badan ki piya
saari duniya deewaani

She was a little uneasy on her feet as she wore high heeled sandals that she almost never wore but quickly adjusted to them.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

She got into the music slowly allowing her body move to the music.

o meri khataa ,kya hai bata

The room lights were turned off leaving most of the room dark except for some candles Raman lit for ambience.

baali umar mein jo ho gayi sayaani

Her eyes were now fixed on him.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

She licked her lips seductively biting her bottom lip.

Those lips teased Raman as they were so luscious and so kissable.

sone ka paani chadhaa ke piya
hui gori jawaani

haay haay haay daiya haay…

Letting the rhythm wash over her she didn’t even blush or look away.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

The expression on her face changed, he was so turned on by this avatar of Ishita.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

She pulled the pins letting her hair loose from the bun.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

Her long black tresses unravelled falling down her back.

Husn ye motiyo mein tola jahaan ne
mujhko rijhaane kiye laakhon bahaane

It was even better that he visualized.

Walking toward Raman she moved one foot in front of the other very slowly.

kali si main, bhanware hazaar piyaa

He has never seen her so confidence, so bold….

Good thing she wore something that you can easily take off.

kali si main, bhanware hazaar piyaa

Ishita had a smile on her face as if she was about to do something naughty, this tempted him into almost getting up from the chair.

Toss hair back, she worked her body releasing herself from all her inhabitations

baali umar mein kar gayi thodi nadaani

Turning away Raman she took off her top gently throwing it in his direction.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

Raman was clearly impatient as he was now on the edge of his seat.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

Ishita walked towards the chair pushing back, she heldboth sides of chair.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

She pressed herself up against him,dipping her body and slowly coming back up.

Ishita seductively continued to move up and down while caressing her body.

He could barely believe his eyes as the sight that reflected in the mirror was unreal.

haay haay haay daiya haay…

When she kicked off your heels Raman was lost as his desires took over.

Credit to: Monique

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