Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 16)

Raman and Ishita were their old self’s again …..
Ishita loved all the constant attention that Raman gave her …..
Ishita continued her duties around the house ……
Cooking ever so often and being the perfect wife.

Things couldn’t have gone any better as the started with secret rendezvous again
There was just something about nobody knowing the status of their relationship that gave then the greatest trill.
Raman picked random fight and argued with her when his family and friends were around cementing the fact that she was just there for Ruhi.
Ishita knew better ….she liked their situation….Raman all forceful and dominating.
Oh she played along alright.
She have become more vocal and made her voice heard by voicing her opinions with obviously differed from Raman’s.

Raman dreaded her leaving when she had emergencies at night and opted to go with her.
He then used that time for them to be alone…as they didn’t have the privacy living in such a crowded.
One callout he ordered some food for them and they picnicked on the floor in her office.
She too casually brought Raman lunch from time to time ….hiding under the fake reason of him forgetting his lunch ….
Ishita has started to be more open with Raman as she felt more comfortable with Raman and his ways.

(Weeks later)
It was Ruhi’s and everyone was excited, especially Ruhi.
Ishita was tasked to arrange everything for the party.
Planning were coming together and Ishita and Ruhi went shopping for some party accessories as well as new clothes…
Ishita found the most prettiest pink fairy dress for Ruhi .
The ecstatic little girl jumped up and down as she loved Ishita’s pick
Thanks Ishima,she pulled Ishita down for a hug and kiss on the cheek.

Now it’s my turn to pick a dress for you Ishima…
No Ruhi!
Ishita protested….
Yes, Ishima it’s my birthday and I will take this as your gift to me she stated.
Ruhi looked and acted just like her father Ishita thought.
Ok! Ok!
Ishita gave in as she knew that it’s no used arguing with a Bhalla.
All Ruhi asked was, her favorite color and size.
Ruhi expertly walked in the store with the store assistant and asked for a few garments to look at.
After seeing what she liked she picked two items, one western dress and one sari….

Ishita finalized all the arrangements at the community hall while all the other got them ready for the party.
Raman had a meeting and was joining the party a little later…
Ruhi invited most of her school friends as well as her brother Aditya .
Shravan and his parents walked in with her gifts and they wished Ruhi.Amma and Appa followed arrived shortly after.
Sharavan finally your here,Ruhi exclaimed.
Without waiting Ruhi took Shavan by the hand and ran off to go play somewhere leaving all the grown-ups in a fit of laughter.

Ishita was uncomfortable with dress but wore it anyway as it was Ruhi’s favourite.
The dress showed a little more skin than she would have liked but looking at herself in the mirror she was pleased, but it fit him like a glove.
It showed everything that she normally hides the feminine curves of her hips, suppleness of her bosom.
She glowed ….yes she was happy her life was on track and she was content.
Giving herself once over in the mirror she turns around to join the party below.
Raman looked dapper in his grey and black suit, his signature slicked back hair that was slightly trimmed. His eyes wondered the room searching for her…she didn’t reply to his messages as she forgot her phone at home in the chaos that was today.
Turning around her eyes met with Raman’s…….there was something in his eyes met that gave her the indication that something was wrong.

Raman purposely spilled his drink on himself.
He wanted her alone …what was she thinking, dressing so provocatively.
She motioned him to come over and he shook his head. Pointing to her phone he typed her message.
I spilled my drink on my shirt can you iron me another one, Please.
Ishita looked at the incoming message.She just shook her head and followed him upstairs.

Reaching their room she instinctively went to the cupboard to fetch a shirt.

He had other ideas….
He turned her around…
What are you wearing Ishita? His voice was low filled with desire.
Ruhi picked it for me ….she muttered
Are you trying to kill me Ishita? Raman growled.
Have you seen the way you look ……..
You look so……. So good….Raman had that look in his eyes she knew all too well.

Stop it now! It’s you daughters party……she randomly pulled a shirt from the cupboard.
She quickly made her way to the door and ran leaving a frustrated Raman behind.

Back at the party the men and the women stood in groups busy with their respective conversations.
Ishita, Vandita and Mihika were talking about the children while Bala and Mihir spoke about the T20 cricket and the team selection.
Like something out of a magazine Shagun and Aditya waltzed in.
All eyes went to the two of them……..
There was a clear murmur in the hall as people started to talk.
Shagun instinctive walked over to Raman,he wished her on Ruhi birthday and gave her a hug.
Ishita walked over to them and called Ruhi over to meet her mother.
Ruhi came and stood behind Ishita …..
Aditiya stepped forward and handed Ruhi her present which she eagerly accepted and thanked him by giving him a hug.
Ruhi say hi to your mother, Ishita said.
Hello Shagun-mamma she replied …can I go now I want to introduce Adi to my friends she said.

I see you wore something different to the boring sarees you normally wear, Shagun said.
Raman didn’t forget Shagun’s conversation with her friends and step forward pulling Ishita close.
He had just about enough of her blatant disrespect towards Ishita.
Listen here Shagun, the only reason is here is because Ishita felt that it was only right to invite you as well.
And don’t make a mistake…
Ishita is my WIFE!

She doesn’t have to try to look beautiful……everything she wears look good on her.
What he did next made Shagun’s eyes almost pop out…
He pulled Ishita close and kissed her ….this was no ordinary kiss either …..
I never knew what love was until I met her said as a blushing Ishita looked around to see if anyone else saw what have just transpired.

Everyone was still in their own world talking with the kids dancing in the corner ………
He took Ishita’s hand and walked off leaving a furious Shagun smouldering.
You didn’t need to do that Ishita said embarrassed.
Your mine and she needs to accept it, He replied.

Well everyone …
I think it’s just fitting that Ruhi’s parent have first dance to open the floor.
Mihika voice ordered

Raman leaded Ishita to the middle of the dance floor…….
The music began and he took her hand in his.
All eyes went to the couple in the centre as the lights were dimmed and a spotlight made it inevitable to focus on something else.

raaton ke jaage subah mile hain
resham ke dhaage ye silsile hain
laazmi si lagne lagi hain
do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyaan

It looked like a dream …..They glided across the floor.

dikhti nahi hain par ho rahi hain mehsoos nazdeekiyan
do dil hi jaanein lagti hain kitni mehfooz nazdeekiyan

He twirled her around……..they were in they own world.
Their movements were fluid, as if they were floating on a cloud.

zariyaa hai ye aankhein zariya
chhalakta hai jinse ek armaanon ka dariya
aadatein hain in ki puraani
ankahi si keh de kahaani

Everyone looked in awe of the couple that they always see fighting and arguing.
They love for each other gleamed in the way they eyes spoke to each other never breaking contact.

parchhaaiyaan do judne lagi hain
dekho hawa mein udne lagi hain
pankh jaisi lagne lagi hain

They were perfect together matching each other’s step for step as if they have been dancing for years.
do dilon ki ab nazdeekiyan

As the music stopped he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.
They were snapped to reality when a roaring applause broke their moment.

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