Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 15)


Ishita could barely wait to get in her room when she closes the door and bolted it shut.
Falling to the floor she was overwhelmed with tumultuous emotions …….
Is it true what Shagun said she thought?
Does he love me?
I can’t even give him a child……….

Or was everything just out of duty or his needs as a man, she mentally battered herself with a barrage of questions.
Tears flowing freely as she was in the comforts of her room.
The house was empty as it was Wednesday and nobody was expecting them to come home.
She decided to wash and go to sleep….
She went to the bathroom to freshen up.
Walking in she closed the door.
But as usual it didn’t close properly.
In just her underwear Ishita slipped under the covers …….
Trying to make sense of it all……fighting back the tears that was forcing their way out.
He hated how Shagun behaved with Ishita.
But he didn’t think that it was the right time to talk to her it.

She looks so peaceful he thought looking at her from the door……..
The familiar smell of jasmine he so liked filled the air.
Inhaling the scent that intoxicated him most nights he began to smile.

A faint sound of crying snapped him from the sweet daydream…. piercing his heart as he listens at the door.
The rise and fall of body under the indicated that she was indeed crying.
He was heartbroken seeing her in that state, vulnerable and upset.
He just wanted to protect her …….
Hold her…
But what he did even caught him off guard …he just closed the door and went back inside …
Leaving behind a sobbing, Ishita.

Unsure of how to handle the situation….
Should I go to her?
Maybe she wants to be alone….

He walked to the cabinet and took out his trusty bottle of whisky and poured himself a drink.
What to do Raman…you need to fix this…
I need to show everyone how much I love,Ishita…especially Shagun
He kind of gave himself a pep talk….

After a few days Adi was discharged from hospital and their lives got some form of normalcy again.
But there was something that kept them from the way they use to be.
Their relationship got a knock…Ishita’s insecurities kept her from the once closeness they shared.
She missed the feeling she had when they were together….feeling safe in his arms.
The possessiveness…his smell….his body….

With him regularly visiting Adi his time was limited ….
Raman was uncertain on how he should approach her …..
They needed to talk.
He yearned for that bond that they shared …..
He missed all the naughty messages he use to send during the day.
Teasing her and spoiling her.

Sharing the bed with no intimacy ………made him depressed.
He just wanted to hold her.
Ishita buried herself in her work and household chores lately.

That night Raman was on his laptop busy with work as Ishita came in the room.
He went to the bathroom and got herself ready for the night.
On his return Raman fake slipped and fell on his back…acting as if he was in pain.

Ishita rushed over to him.
Are you ok?Ishita inquired.
My back is aching he moaned…
Raman cautiously made his way to the bed.

Lie down on your stomach…she instructed concerned.
The deafening silence was broken by her soft voice…
Show me where it hurts….

She helped him take off his t-shirt…..
She poured some oil on her hands and gently started to give him a massage.
Her touch sent sparks through his body…..
Appling pressure to the supposed sensitive spot on his back, he let out a moan.

Did I hurt you she asked……
She paid special attention to his lower back massaging along the muscles.
Her strokes were firm and soothing.
She could feel the tension that was build up in his muscles…when moving up to his shoulders.

Her delicate hands expertly kneaded all the stress and worry that his body have been hiding.
Leaning in she whispering her lips grazing his ear sending shivers down his back’s sensitive skin ……

Does it feel good? her voice was low and husky.

A guttural groan was all he could get out…
Her long strokes where more sensual now as her fingers lingered on his skin.
Teasing him..
Raman was beside himself…
He liked the way that Ishita touched him.
moved a little bit more grinding on him…
Which totally sending him over the edge

Raman has become very aroused.
A flood of emotions came over him…
He wanted her…..

Without warning he forcefully turned her over trapping her between his arms.
He began his attack on her lips …
Passionately kissing her ……. His tongue furrowing every crevice of her wanting mouth.
His hands exploring ……
Every inch on her body …… Like it was his first time.

Her body begun to tremble from Raman’s tantalizing touches.
She let herself go of all her inhibitions …..
She closed her eyes as she melted her to the core……
As she opened up to him like never before.

His urges were getting the better of him and the animal in him took over.
He ravished her over and over again.
Leaving them out of breath…
Totally spend.

Bathed in the after glow of love…
Their eyes met and confirmed all that was unspoken between them for the past few days.

I have neglected you and I will make it up to you, she said lovingly looking into his eyes.
No,I should have spent more time with you after Goa, but I had Adi to worry about and that Australian deal…..he replied.

Are you satisfied with me,Raman?her question was filled with uncertainty.

Of course I am,Ishita just this past few days have been little bit hectic….he replied.

I’m not like Shagun, and sometimes I feel that I’m not good enough she said avoiding his eyes.
She knew if she looked at him she couldn’t stop her tears from flowing.

You know I wouldn’t change you for the world, he said pulling her close.
He placed her hand on his heart ….
Do you feel that……
My heart only beats for you,Ishita.
My days have been like hell……
I can’t stand it when I don’t have you in my arms.
Please don’t pull away from me like that again, Ishita, Raman pleaded.
I love you so much…..he said placing a kiss on her forehead.
You have made me the happiest man alive……
I swear I couldn’t have asked for a better wife.

I love you too,she said shyly.
She felt so safe in his arms…….so wanted.
So loved.

Credit to: Monique

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  7. I understand your frustration Joke but I don’t have job and only write in my spare time.I try my best to update as soon as I think my story in read worthy.Please bare with me …..

  8. I understand your frustration Joke but I have a job and live in south africa so i only write in my spare time.I try my best to update as soon as I think my story in read worthy.Please bare with me …..

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