Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 12)


Both had to work very hard the past few weeks doing long hours and still had to give Ruhi some attention at night.
Ruhi wasn’t very happy that her Ishima and Papa didn’t take her with but the ever quick thinking Raman enrolled Ruhi and Shravan in a summer camp.
Her anger subsided and she jumped up hugging Raman stating,
“You’re the best Papa ever!”

The 2h 35m flight seemed to have gone by very fast as both Ishita and Raman fell asleep as soon as their plane took off.

During the ride to the The Leela Goa Ishita started to think…..

I have neglected Raman a lot the past month……

I will have to make it up to him.

I just hope he isn’t mad at me.

I know allowing Ruhi sleep with us was wrong, poor Raman ….

What poor Raman, poor me she fought with herself in her thoughts.

That man is going to be like an animal…..
Her heart started to beat faster…

What have I gotten myself into …..
Ishita just keep calm.

You always tend to think of the worst that could happen……and besides he is here for business not pleasure …only two days the rest of the time he will be busy, she thought.

Raman on the other hand had a week of pure exhilarated bliss planned for Ishita.

Private candle-lit dinner, Body Massage and one of the best rooms in the hotel.

So it’s time for his master plan to get that “Jhansi ki Rani” to let lose a little bit…..he thought as a smile crept on his lips.

He have done some research, even spoken to a therapist about how he can crack the hard shell Ishita have put on over the years……

He has begun to implement some of the ideas in the passing month….

Leaving love notes around the house for her to find,

Going on dates,

Pay her compliments, not in public but when they are in the bedroom

Sending her flirty texts during day……

And every now and then trying to be romantic at the breakfast table when the family is not looking.

Yes, Raman thought this plan through………he wanted her to want him as bad as he desired her….

His mind was working overtime ………he was a little unsure if it’s going to work but he was confident stating Raman Kumar Bhalla doesn’t fail.

The car smelled of her jasmine shampoo she uses he inhaled taking in the scent of his Ishita…..

Her hair was blowing in the wind and some strands drifted in his face causing him to tingle.

He decided to move closer to her….he put his arm around her touching her skin when he moved her hair away.

Leaning in he whispered in her ear…..

I can’t wait to get you alone….

His statement sends shivers down her spine making the hair on her skin rise.

She was shocked as he pulled her tight against him…..

She gave him a disapproving look and gestured to the driver with her eyes…..

Well,Mrs Bhalla ,he replied you shouldn’t have worn a blouse that have just one hook.
Showing me everything that I have been missing for the past month…….

Your soft, silky skin showing, teasing me, Ishita he hissed.

Ishita was starting to blush and moved away feeling very uncomfortable with the stare Raman was giving her.

Almost undressing her with his eyes……….

Reaching the Hotel Raman quickly got out of the car and proceeded to go the front desk….

The bellboys pushed the cart with their luggage as Ishita made her way to where Raman.

He looked to handsome, so powerful the way he enforced his presence and demanded respect.

She liked the rowdy, uncouth Raman…..

If only he was so demanding and authoritative in bed she thought…..

The mere thought made her a little turned on…….

Ishita! Raman disturbed her as she lost in her thoughts…….

A very flustered Ishita turned to Raman and just followed him to the elevator.

The nearer she got to their room she began to panic as she remembered Raman’s words……

“I can’t wait to get you alone….”

Raman almost sprinted to the room as he was unable to contain his desire anymore…..

She was going to be in his arms…….he was going to relish and appreciate his delight.

As soon as the bellboy left he slammed to door pinning her against the door.

I can wait Ishita………..he said.

Moving closer he embraced her in a passionate kiss….it was rough…..with deep seethed desire.

His urges almost spilling over…..

He swiftly unpin pallu and expertly pulled the pleats from her sari lose and before Ishita knew her sari was bundled round her feet .

Leaving her with only her blouse and her underwear……

I’m a man Ishita, he pulled her close pressing himself against her, letting her feel his pulsating arousal.

Oh she gasped as she felt his excitement .
With one fluent movement he scooped her up and carrying her to the bed.

Her body shuddered in anticipation………

He was shocked that his touch, his kisses had that effect on her which made him want her even more.

He through her on the bed and tear his clothes off.

Raman untied her dori and unbuttoned her blouse and started to devour her like an obsessed man.

Credit to: Monique

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