Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 11)


So Raman agreed to Ruhi sleeping in their bed
On one condition, she put in leave and come with in to Goa.\
And to get back at him, Ishita decided to let Ruhi sleep with them every night much to Raman’s dismay.
They continued their romantic antics by dropping by each other’s work, going out on lunch dates under the guise of meetings and going shopping or even emergencies at work.
A very adamant Raman put everything in order for the Goa trip down to the last detail…
He was extremely frustrated as they weren’t intimate with each other like before. So he decided to work on this plan operation “mujhe batao”.

Ishita’s schedule was adjusted so she had a half day on Wednesdays so she had her “me” time.
She knew that the family had a movie night on Wednesday so she would be alone at home.
She kept this from Raman…..

She missed not being able to dance care free as she use to do……
Raman secretly knew about her Wednesdays and he didn’t miss a Wednesday as he enjoyed watching her being herself……..
He like watching her be herself.
Just Ishita…..
He wanted that Ishita in bed too.
He almost knew her routine by heart……shops then home…….then shower….
Then his favourite
Her dancing……
Strangely she always listened to item songs….
He wondered why but he didn’t interrupt her like the 1st time he saw her…
No he let do her thing…
Occasionally he would make a video clip of her dancing for his viewing pleasure later on.
Today was a little bit different…..she plugged in her flash drive to the tv……

Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye
She kept her torso mostly still only moving her hips
Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye
Rock your hips from the front then to the right,
Then left, alternating sides.
Munni ke gaal gulabi
Shaking her hips to the rhythm, her movements were effortless
Nain sharabi chaal nawabi re
Following the beat she looked like she was having a great time.
Le zandu balm hui darling tere liye
Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye

Raman was astonished, she amazes me every time, he thought to himself.
Where does she learn these moves?
I got to be quiet, as she is not wearing headphone today ,he whispered .

Munni ke gaal gulabi
Nain sharabi chaal nawabi re
Moving her hips and butt in one continuous circular motion, she danced continuing to move from side to side.
Her fingers played with her hair briefly touching her br*asts.

Le zandu balm hui darling tere liye
Le zandu balm hui darling tere liye
Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye
She ran her hands up and down your legs, touching her knees and upper calves

Munni badnaam hui, darling tere liye
Ishita forget all her insecurities.
Here she just focused on herself and her body.

Why can’t she be like this with me, he questioned.
This irritated him…..
And he couldn’t wait to go to Goa anymore.

She unknowingly created a monster…
Provoking a very restless beast……..
She was suddenly stopped by her phone ….
Beep! Beep!
In the interim Raman decided to take her out on a date that night …… he text her with some lame excuse about a work dinner at some fancy restaurant .
She by now knew the style of clothes she should wear.
Arriving at the restaurant she felt look elegant, she could have been wearing a sack and still look ravishing.
She didn’t even try ………she is a natural beauty.

Raman when are the rest of the people coming for this…. meeting, Ishita asked suspiciously.
Well to be honest I booked the table for us….
Ishita we are hardly ever alone anymore and at night you let Ruhi sleep with us. I hate having to share you Ishita.
When I wake, you have already left
I don’t even get a kiss
Other times I am out of town.
Really I’m going insane, mad I tell you……….and look at you, God!
Looking at you…..
He stopped his crazy ramblings looking into her eyes.
Just make me want you even more…what do you say may I have a dance my love..,.

OK,Ishita said hesitantly, taking his hand as he gracefully guided her to the centre of the dance floor.

Credit to: Monique

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