Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 10)


Time seems to have gone by fast as it has been 2 weeks since they have consummated their marriage. The two love birds kept their new found love for each other under wraps……which seem to work.
Most of the time….

(Raman)Beep! Beep!
Hey, how’s your day?

(Ishita)Beep! Beep!
I’m ok just having a bad day….and you?

(Raman)Beep! Beep!
I’ll make you feel better later. Promise

(Raman)Beep! Beep!
I’m still tasting your kiss. I can’t wait to taste you again.

(Ishita)Beep! Beep!
Stop it now Raman ………is that all you can think of?

(Raman)Beep! Beep!
There is a lot more that I can think of “Jhansi Ki Rani”

Ishita was interrupted by Sarika alerting her of her next appointment.

(Ishita)Beep! Beep!
Well for what it’s worth I miss you too…got to go, see you later.

(Raman)Beep! Beep!
I can’t wait.

Ishita was busy on her laptop trying to find the next patients file.
Her eyes fixed on the screen not even bothering to look up.

Good afternoon Mr……..Mr ,she stammered.
Kumar………Raavan Kumar……..the voice made her heart beat faster.

Raman, what are you doing here? She asked in shock.
Well aren’t I allowed to visit my wife? Raman cheekily answered.

Of course you can but, I have 3 appointments left.

I know he cunningly said pushing himself from the chair and walking over to the door to lock it. I have booked you today.

You left early this morning Ishita……..
I couldn’t get my mornings worth…..not even a kiss and cuddle.
I had an emergency and didn’t have the heart to wake you…..
You looked so cute when you sleep……..she laughed.

I told Mamiji to tell you about it this morning, she answered.
I even spent some time with Ruhi giving her breakfast,
I really tried to wake you ………………

You really think after wearing me out like that last night, I could was exhausted……Raman his voice laced with sarcasm.

She sensed his next move and instinctively got up from the chair going to the window.
Ishita was nervous ………struggling to compose herself.

He had that effect on her…..making her weak in the knees……
All she heard was her heart beat………… if in slow motion she stood there and watched as her knight made his way over to her.
She just stood there motionless ….
Her head said, move get away but her heart said no….

As a couple, they have grown closer in the past few weeks and he changed a lot.
The arrogant, ruthless business man that once detached himself from family and friends changed into a caring, loving and most affectionate lover.
Well he only showed this side to her of course, he didn’t want the whole India thinking he was a big old softy.

He came gave her a kiss savouring her lips……..
Your kisses sustain me through the day like a delectable delight.
And I just needed my fix…….
I want a repeat of last night he said smirkingly .

Raman, an out of breath Ishita said …..I promised Ruhi that she could sleep with us tonight.
He stopped kissing the nape of his neck, his eyes shot up to a concerned looking Ishita.

We have made up several excuses in the past few weeks, Raman.
It’s not fair………….
She also needs attention, Ishita said.

I know but you make it so difficult, Ishita…
You turn me inside out
When we kiss, I burn raw… deep down inside.
I never knew what craving was until you?
I crave that next kiss; the one that always leads to more.
His words made Ishita flush a deep red across her face.

Why are you so shy?
I’m your husband,Ishita there is no need to be shy around me….
You know you are somewhat of an enigma, a mystery to me…..
You are the best mother; you care and love my Ruhi so much that I get jealous sometimes.
Best daughter and daughter in-law…always there with a helping hand.
And the most generous lover….
Really Ishita you’re the best …..
She pulled away from him as she was unable to look him in the eye.

I want us to go away for a weekend, I have business in Goa next month for 5 days and thought you could take leave and come with.
What do you say…….Mr Raman Kumar Bhalla

Raman had made some plans for some alone time, away from work and family.
He sensed that Ishita was a very attentive lover, satisfying his every need.
But he was unsure if he satisfied her needs, she always evaded the answers when ,he asked.

She was holding back as if not fully giving herself to him.
He wanted to know what made her tick……
What she liked…….
What turned her on……
How he made her body feel……

And he had just the plan to make her more vocal about s*x and open up.

Credit to: Monique

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