Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA SS- Burning Desire (Episode 1)

It’s been a few months since their wedding and she has settled into a daily routine. Although they shared a bed their relationship was nothing more than cordial, well sometimes.
She woke up as she felt her phone vibrate and she saw a text……

Emergency –Mr Kapoor is in need of your service he is in terrible pain. Appointment at 8.
She looked at the time and saw that was 06:30 and as she wiped her eyes she knew this was going to be a long day.

As she was getting out of bed………………. Ishita suddenly stopped.
Her bangle was stuck on bed sheet and she quickly turned to free it when she let out a gasp………………He has no shirt on, she said in a whisper .
While she was a little shocked at the audacity he had to not dress properly when he knew she had to share a bed with him, she was also intrigued .She knew he kept himself in shape but she didn’t realise that he was so toned.
His chest, was well sculpted, his arms muscular, firm and had a few veins that protruded slightly showing the strength and power that he always showed in the business world.
She quickly snapped out of the daze she was in.
Ishita she thought to herself, get your mind right girl. He looks so peaceful while sleeping, she thought but he is such an angry and rude man when awake.
When does he have time to work out she thought as she walked past him going to the bathroom to freshen up…………

And her thoughts began to wonder off with her…………
Stop it she said to herself this time with more meaning.
He isn’t worth you thinking of Ishita.
She checked if she has everything she needed as she didn’t want to leave anything behind like last time …….. he had to bring her ………….. towel to the door and she had to walk to the cupboard. She could almost feel the stares he gave her ….ughhhh.
She saw the missed her favourite garments…… a soft chuckle escaped her mouth. Keep it together, Ishita.
She went back and lifted her sarees that lay on top of the fine black lace bra and panty set.
Got it, she said to her she as she slowly turned to check if the he was awake but he was still sleeping.

As she made her way past her she turned and saw him stir in his sleep resulting in her bolting the door and closing it as soon as possible.
She was happy for the “me time “, she had when she was in the bathroom.
She loved long showers, it always made her feel like all the tension and worries she had can be washed away with each drop that landed on her soft, milky skin.
The drops felt like heaven on earth, like a gentle massage rejuvenating her .She dried and started dressing.
Ishita always dressed modestly in her kanjivaram sari, she loved the feel of the fabric against her skin, the colors and the way she looked in them.
But most of all she liked s*xy underwear.
Something no one knew.
Something she felt gave her power every time she wore it.
Nowadays it happened more often as she felt Raman Kumar Bhalla always wanted to argue and she needed that extra bit of confidence to handle all his insults and manners.
Now she was ready.
“Jhansi Ji Rani” is ready for action she thought to herself.
She opened the door walking in, still drying her hair.
A few drops landed on his face, waking him.
As he opened his eyes to she as to what has disturbed his sleep, he saw it was her.

He turned to wipe off the drop and tried to sleep again ….
Jasmin he sniffed smelling the gentle smell of the flower which he knew he found very arousing.
What the…..he thought to himself as he watched her while she was getting ready.
As she moved her her to the side he saw her back……skin looked like creamy milk making him uneasy. As he knew she was probably the most beautiful woman he had every seen.
Then the image of Ishita with a towel wrapped around her wet body came to him……..
That day he had brought it to her……………
Her walking to the cupboard her body dripping wet and he wished that he was the towel wrapped around her curvaceous body.
As she turned he quickly closed his eyes. Pretending to sleep .She then made her way to the door closing it behind her.
He sat up in bed, bewildered by this, this beauty.
What’s wrong with you,Raman?
She is just the mother of your daughter.
You will never get to …….Taste………Kiss…….Feel…..Love……to explore her body…………… as his train of thought was interrupted by Ishita .
She opened the door to fetch her cellphone and saw Raman sitting up in bed with a strange
expression on his face.

Like a school boy hiding something.
Good Morning she said.
Good morning he answered back.
I will be home late please tell Ruhi,I have a late appointment and an emergency at 8 .So I won’t be able to take her to school this morning.
Fine, he said .His tone sounded irritated.
Ok Bye.

And as she turned the lingering smell of Jasmin stayed in the room
He let out a sight, finally she is gone.
Raman, he said to himself she will be the death of you.
It became clear to him that he could no longer keep his needs unfulfilled.
He needed release.

He made his way to the bathroom and knew that a cold shower was just what he needed.

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