Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 85)

Mani was growing annoyed as Ishita wasn’t taking his calls or replying to his texts.
Today he’s going to be honest and speak his mind.

Ishita looked at her phone and contemplated whether or not she should phone Mani back; at the back of her mind she had an eerie feeling about him wanting assistance with the wedding.
She also wanted to give her opinion on the person he was going to marry.

“Shagun is a bad influence on Mani”, Raman said as he looked at Ishita the worry on her face was visible and he knew she wasn’t the type of friend not to get involved.

Hey Madrasan, just don’t get into things you shouldn’t be involved in, Raman said as went to put on the shoes and socks.

Ishita finally called Mani back, and his face lit up as he saw the name on the screen….

“I will Ishu, understand my feelings for her”, Mani said as he passed his room.
“And when she realises that Raman is wrong for her, I will be there for her”, he said.

Hi Mani,Ishita said in her normal upbeat tone.

Ishu, well I was wondering whether we can meet to discuss some of the arrangements, Mani said.
Sure thing I just have to pop in at the clinic and then I well get you, after that, Ishita replied.
I will be free at 12:30 just text me the address, she said.

Flash back

Mani’s mind took him to their final year of college.
Ishita had on a turquoise top on and acid washed jeans, his memory was so vivid it felt like he could reach out and touch her.

He tried to keep their relationship as platonic as possible but he found it too hard to do.
Mani had to keep up his side of the friendship but doing the same stuff they used to do was very difficult.
Ishita had a lot of proposals as she was educated, could cook and was overall very beautiful.
Full Package..

Mani even asked his parent to approach the Iyer’s for Ishita’s hand but then two week before they were coming back from a business trip they met an accident and died due to their injuries.

Mani had his sister to think of and didn’t think that it was a good idea to get married at the time; he was going to give it two years and then pursue her.
But when he saw Ishita again she was already seeing Subhu.

Flash Back ends

Ishita rushed to reach the coffee shop around the corner from the clinic.
Out of breath she came to sit next to him in the booth, “Sorry Mani, meeting went on a little longer than expected.”Ishita explained.
“No need to explain, Ishu, Its fine.” Mani said.
Even when she didn’t even try she looked ravishing now even more than before, Mani thought as he envied the strand of hair that was caressing her face.

Ishita as usual started of the conversation and babbled on about the kids and the trip to Durban.

There was a multitude of words but none were equivalent to the sobering beauty that was Ishita.
Her laughter was contagious and addicting to him.

She was an intentional conversation hoarder and she was planning to proceed with her talks when Shagun joined them.

An awkward silence crept over them and all of a sudden the conversation died down.

Ishita looked at Shagun as she discussed the wedding in detail and was surprised when she asked her for some help with the shopping and never in the conversation had she made mention of Mani.

She only thinks about herself then she isn’t the one for Mani,Ishita thought.
But why would he marry someone that is so selfish and self-centred, Ishita wondered.

Or maybe she just finds it hard to say or express the feeling towards him; she corrected herself in her thought.
Listening to them talking she noticed that Shagun would disregard every idea he gave as well as talk down to him, this really bothered her as respect for a husband is priceless; it shows you values that him and wants to spend a big part of your life with him.

All Ishita heard was Raman’s voice at the back of her mind,telling her not to interfere with the marriage and for once she might just listen to him.

Here Mani was ready to do everything possible for Shagun.
He was willing to sacrifice to the extent to which Ishita wanted to warn him about Shagun and her ways.
They have been to hell and back because of her but it looked to her that he didn’t really care.

After the meeting she looked for her phone and rushed back to the coffee shop to see whether he had left it there and from the corner of her eye she spotted something that made her question Shagun’s marriage to Mani even more.

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  1. Radhikaji

    Good one….but really this episode popped up out of the blue…I thought you had stopped writing. ..good to see you back. ..

    1. Monique_D

      Well I don’t get the feels for the show with all the bakwaas that’s going on but do try do update once a week.
      Hopefully Ishra will be a priority in the show so my inspiration can return.

  2. Veronica

    Oh yaar….it’s been a loooong time since I have put in my comment for this..I didnt see your ff anywhere and today I read All the epi’s which I didnt read from Africa trip till here ?.Awesome dude and I think this is after a loong time that you are updating.And I agree that now the show has turned to just bullsh**t but sometimes when they show Ishra scene it’s good like the nok jhoks and romance.?.Awesome epi…I kinda really enjoyed.

  3. Kumud

    Been long monique nice ff by the way

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