Yeh hai Mohabbatein -ISHRA FF- Burning Desire (Episode 84)

Flash back….

Raman and Ishita’s stay in the sunny South African city of Durban was coming to an end.
They connected again more so than ever before something both of them were happy for.

The morning that had to go back was like all the other mornings before Ishita woke up in his arms, she could still feel the way he wanted her.

Each time she tried to get up he would hold on to her a little tighter.
She could still hear the words he whispered in her ears.

Her eyes could still see eyes, the look he gave her when he told her he loved her.
The past few days felt like an eternity and she just realised that he wouldn’t put anything
else in the world above her and the family.
Something that she has liked in him ever since she first met him.

That morning Ishita wished that she could forever stay right here.
In his arms.
Dawn has come and their long awaited journey back home.
She knew that this was paradise being just them, but who would understand how she felt.
Who would understand?
Now it was back to the busy house, the kids.
Here they were uninhabited, they felt young, and we were unhindered.

She felt like everything was new, they were always together and as she was lost in her mind she didn’t noticed that Raman had woken up and he placed a gentle kiss on her forehead.

They just laid there listening to the wind that quietly blows but the sound of their hearts quickly drowned all the noise.
The morning went by quickly Ishita decided that they should take a last walk on the beach before they left.

As they walked Raman decided to have a little fun.
There was no one on the beach and as they came to where the shore made a bend he kicked some water towards her.

“Raman!”Ishita yelled.

He kicked the water again, this time she started to run along the beach away from him and he came chasing after her.

Raman ran after her and finally caught as the fell on the soft sands.
Ishita‘s eyes bored into him, pulling her face out of annoyance as her clothes were wet.
His hands wandered to her thighs ,this wasn’t what she expected but he always had a way to make her surrender to his advances.
A few strands of hair cover her face and he brushed them away while he undid her ponytail and shaking out her hair.
Her body shook from his surprise assault as Raman’s hand found hers and their fingers instinctively intertwined.
Raman lifted her chin making sure his finger slowly caresses her cheek and as he gain better access to her wanting mouth.
He was the master of seduction, Raavan Kumar.
Like the sound of the waves breaking, he too was breaking Ishita’s last defences until he freed her from all her inhibitions.
Their struggled to catch their breath Ishita‘s eyes bore into him.
He was the caller of her heart, mind, body and soul and when his heart beat for every time he kisses her.

Flash back ends
Pictures of them replayed in her mind as she folded away the babies’ clothes.
They missed her and after she had to play with them they immediately fell asleep.
The pain of leaving them was so easily forgotten when she was away and she felt a bit guilty that she liked having the free time.

Toshi watched as Ishita fell back into the normal routine of the houses, she brought back her light, her essence of family that was gone when she was away.

There laughter of children and the familiar smell of her idli and sambar were back.
“I hate to admit it but I missed this Madrasan”, Toshi thought to herself.

That evening the street’s light shined bright and for Raman and Ishita the proverbial sounds of the house like music to their ears.
“How will I ever understand love?”, Ishita though as she looked at Ruhi sleeping in Raman’s arms.
“I missed these moments but I also want to sleep in his arm”, she confessed.

Here with everybody time to come and a time to goes and with his busy schedule will we fall into that rut like before?

Ishita was stuck between her love for her family and having a happy marriage, “the trick is to get a safe middle which will keep both parties happy” she thought.

In Durban they were closer than a heartbeat and she experience pleasure that was beyond her comprehension.

“How will I make it work?” she said as she looked up to the moon that joined in her soliloquacious rant.

He ignited her heart again and strangely she started to get her ferocity back.
They had that one in a million kind of connection, a bond that was impossible to break.
Ishita picked up her phone to check the time and saw 13 missed calls from Mani as well as 4 messages.

“What could he want” she thought as she moved her fingers to unlock her phone

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  1. Kumud

    Superb monique but wat took us so long to update miss it yaar

  2. Kumud

    Superb monique but wat took us so long to update miss it yaar hope all is well

  3. As always awesome….

  4. Monique_D

    Well my health for one plus the show itself don’t give me any inspiration.

  5. Radhikaji

    After a long time. …loved to read it. …

  6. I thought you will not write this again as you have become addicted to isqbaq. Anyway I consede tha fact that this series was lacking any romance lately. But I am more than happy that you got the inspiration back to wtite this serial. And I am aslo happy your recovery from some bad weather.

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